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UND (8-13, 2-6) @ WIU (8-13, 3-5) 2/1 4:30 PM


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UND ended the first half of the Summit Season with a thud, as the squad struggled to even compete in a loss to rival USD.  UND looks to turn things around in starting the 2nd half of the season, traveling to WIU, who UND defeated in Grand Forks 71-65 on January 12th.

WIU must be feeling pretty good, they are currently on a 2 game winning streak and looking to keep it going.   While these squad still has the 1-2 punch Webster and Johnson, and their big guy in Gilbeck, CJ Duff and Ben Pyle have recently stepped their games up to give WIU more secondary scoring.  

What I want to see from UND in the 2nd half:

1) Continued development of Rebraca and Moody

2) Another freshman to step up and be in the rotation

3) Consistency from either Brown or Walter

Keys to the game:

1) Get Gilbeck in foul trouble

2) Contain Webster and Johnson

3) Hit outside shots

Other Game:

SDSU (7-1) @ ORU (4-4) (1/30)

The call:

UND is NOT in a good spot right now.  They are tied for 8th place in the conference and if the season would end today would be the last team in for Sioux Falls (have tiebreaker over DU as of now).  The good news?  The gap between 4th and 9th isn't that big, so a good 2nd half would really help this squad.  This means they need to win a few games on the road and this one is important.  A win gives them the tiebreaker over WIU.  They have had time to work out some things, get healthy, and get ready.  It would be nice for UND to have another shooting performance like they did the first time.  I don't think Moody has a clunker of a game and UND does enough to limit their 1-2 punch to get the road win.

Bottom line:  They need a win.

UND 73-68

Game is on the TRES

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9 hours ago, SiouxFan100 said:

Quickly losing interest 


I will pay attention but am disappointed in this year and not optimistic about the future.

I don't necessarily blame you, I think this team has slightly underachieved right now.  Still have 8 games and hopefully Sioux Falls to finish strong.

I'll dive into what I think are the big issues in a later post. 

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