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To everyone reading:

Stealing an overworked phrase, if you see something say something. 

I intend that to mean if you believe it's wrong, not to forum standards, don't be afraid to challenge it yourself in the forums. You don't have to just report to the moderators. 

That said, all the moderators see all the reports. Lately we've had a rash of reports by "Guest". If you're a guest and that concerned please join the forums and follow the above advice.

Having said that, reporting as Guest is taken, admittedly, very lightly by me (can't speak for others) because it's easy to log out, appear as "Guest", and weaponize the reporting system. If you're really that concerned become a member and follow the above advice: help create the conduct you'd like to participate in by challenging things that don't meet the standards. We can't be everywhere all the time. 

The moderation team has also been accused of having a double standard. I'll say plainly: Yes we do. We have the written one; we have the one we actually enforce. If folks would like I, we, could start hard-enforcing the standards to the letter. To. The. Letter. And then this forum would have @jimdahl as the only one left in under six months. 

Historically, we try to give quiet (personal message) warnings; suspensions from us are a last resort. And frankly, it takes a lot, a significant and repeated pattern of behavior to achieve suspension. Sometime we'll post in a thread directly, kind of like what we ask of all members when they see something not up to snuff.

We can change that soft-handed approach if you'd like. Not a threat, just simple reality. But we'd rather have a group that self-maintains a set of mores and a code of conduct. 

Remember: this is a private forum; I just help the owner with moderation and some admin stuff. He doesn't have to allow anyone anything here; this isn't a "First Amendment thing" because this is a private non-governmental forum. Put another way: he can set rules and enforce them as he chooses. His sandbox, his toys, his rules. The moderation team is following the owner's framework for how he's expressed he'd like the forum to run. But as stated above, you can influence it by participating beyond an anonymous Guest report. 

Final Thought: The above was written by me and me alone. The board owner may suspend me for it if he disagrees. That's his prerogative. See "private forum" above. 

The Sicatoka


PS - When you report as "Guest" we still log the IP address the report came from just like every other interaction with the board. 



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As one who has been banned from posting for a time  and accused if being a troll...I would like to find some consistency on the part of the mods.....it's apparently ok to make fun of, call out and name call  teams, fans,  coaches of opponents of UND .....OK I get that, but  it appears if same is done to some UND 'sacred cows', that is not Ok...namely 'anything critical of hockey, Hakstol , or the former Fighting Si**x name or logo..'

I visit sports sites of a couple other universities ....and the mods of those sites do not appear to be as 'hyper sensitive/over protective' '

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A long time ago I was training under a very respected umpire. He gave me some really good advice: Your strike zone doesn't have to be the same as mine; however, your strike zone must be the same for both teams inning after inning. He went on to say it's not my problem if someone doesn't like my zone as long as I'm consistent calling it. 

So no, don't expect our zone to be like other sites.
And yes, we have some areas that are called strikes that some may not like.

As long as the umps are consistent it's up to the batters to adapt. 

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