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UND (1-1) vs Ark-PB (0-2) Diamond Head Classic Day 3 8:30 PM

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UND 80

Ark-PB 71


Not quite the dominating result I was expecting, but it is a win against a bad team and will head back 2-1. 

31-38 from the line tonight. Solid

Played about 30-35 minutes of solid basketball. 

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54 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

I watched a portion of that.  NAU is the worst D1 basketball team I have seen in a long, long time.  Completely clueless on offense.  It was amazing really.

NAU lost to Embry-Riddle Arizona, which is a branch school of Embry-Riddle of Daytona Beach.  Losing to Northland College would be our equivalent.  Embry-Riddle is an aviation school and is often a competitor of UND's Aerospace College.

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3 hours ago, darell1976 said:

Nice to see a good start to the year. Keep it up Hawks!!

Agreed, obviously, the Big Sky tournament are the only games that truly matter, but their non-conference record since becoming D1 has been frustrating to put it mildly. After the last couple of years of going 1-2 in their tournaments, it's awesome seeing 2-1. Could this be the year they get their "signature" win?

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