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They hammered the new Univ Jamestown team 3 weeks ago, twice. 6-0 and 9-0.

UJ has 75% freshmen. That was their first ever games.

But 2 weeks ago UJ beat NDSU club team twice. 8-1 and 6-3.

Odd trivia: UJ first goal ever (vs NDSU) was a 3 on 5 shortie scored by a kid from Australia......

Second goal was a 4 on 5 shortie a few minutes later vs NDSU.


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Manitoba has only one loss in the pre-season and has handled everyone else they have played. Their season starts October 14th

Manitoba has won only one CIS University Cup, Alberta is the standard with 15 CIS University Cups and Toronto Varsity Blues Having 10 CIS University Cups.

The series has been going on since 2001 14-0 UND (that's as far back as I can find) It's not a Hakstol connection. They happen to be close and it's a tune-up game for UND, I'd rather have the game to play then not have the game to play.

Nick Zajac I don't think is related to Travis and his brothers, but he could be a cousin.


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