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What are keys to keeping it within 3 scores?


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What will the Sue try to keep it somewhat close?  It looks like the rushing game will rush for more yards against the Bison then Drake, so that's one moral victory.  Also, I assume all the boys are toting the rock arount campus this week to remind them to not put it on the carpet?

Let's be honest, this game will be a snapshot into how different the football teams are.  It'll be 52-9 type of game and the Bison could score 70 if they wanted to.

At least the Sue will get to see what a full stadium looks and sounds like.  East Grand Forks and Thief River pull in more fans on a Friday night.  Sad.

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How did the squad look against Drake?  I checked out the box score at half and then after the game.  They must have hit the breaks after half.  My dad also noted that Drake may have not had any scholarships on roster...is this true?  What's this outlook for this Saturday?

Drake is a non scholarship program from a non scholarship league. They're about as good as the non scholarships programs go. They have a very veteran team, something like 19 senior starters. We were not good against them. The D was dominant but got shaky at the end, they were 0-13 on 3rd at one point and finished 3-17 i think. Our offense was not very good, the OL in particular sucked really bad. There were no holes for our RBs and shaky pass pro. It was a classic trap game and we barley avoided it. I'm not going to consider this past game as a microcosm of this team, it was an anomaly.  

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