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UND's second (and last) Elite Camp is tomorrow. If anyone has access to the list of attendees, please post. If anyone attends, your observations would also be appreciated.

I suppose this is due to NCAA regulations but I am surprised that we can't even provide lunch to the participants. Here is an overview (edit - not sure why it copied this way):

Saturday July 26th

  • 10am - OL/DL/Specialists Registration
    • 10:30am - Stretch/Testing
      • 11:30am - Position drills with UND coaches
        • 12:30pm - 1 on 1 drills
          • 1:00pm - Camp Closing
            • 1:30pm - Skill players registration
              • 2:00pm - Stretch/Testing
                • 3:00pm - Position drills with UND coaches
                  • 4:00pm - 1 on 1 drills
                    • 4:30pm - Camp Closing

                    Meals are on your own but there will be food/drink for purchase at Memorial Stadium


                    The UND Football Camps will use a number of facilities across the beautiful University of North Dakota campus. Campers receive full use of Memorial Stadium, the turf field practice home to the UND football program, along with the Memorial Stadium weight room and meeting rooms.

                    Camp Gear

                    All campers should wear or bring appropriate training gear (T-shirt, shorts, socks, shoes/cleats, sunblock, mouth guard etc). Extra spending money for snacks/water bottles, etc. may be helpful. OL/DL will be a half padded camp (helmets and shoulder pads). Helmets/Shoulder pads will be available for rent from UND for $20 payable via cash/check. All other positions will be non-padded. Quarterbacks are encouraged to bring their own football.


                    Walk-ups are still welcome at the first day of camp. Make all checks payable to University of North Dakota. Canadian residents must pay by credit card or by check/money order DRAWN ON A US BANK, or U.S. currency.


                    The University of North Dakota allows for no refunds due to personal injury, tournament of any kind, other camps, vacations, etc. Please contact camp director Jordan Gigli at Jordan.gigli@athletics.und.edu for more information.

                    Health Care

                    Each camper must be covered by their own accident and medical insurance. UND will provide an onsite certified athletic trainer for each camp. The Camp Consent Form at the top of this page must be completed before a camper can participate. An insurance carrier and policy number must be listed on this form.

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How is it an elite camp if people can just walk up and register?

Because they have invited the highest ranked players on their recruiting lists. Obviously not all could make it but the point is to get as many of them together as possible. The rest are more than likely local kids that want to get noticed or just attend a UND football camp. Not that big of a deal.

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How is it an elite camp if people can just walk up and register?

I would guess the coaches have invited a specific group of recruits. If you are getting guys you are targeting to this camp, someone who you may not have on your list may sneek on the radar with a good performance if you let guys sign up who want to be challenged.

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Via Twitter, here are some of the student-athletes who participated in today’s (July 26th) Elite Camp:

DT Collin Race

6’2” 275 lbs

Goodridge, MN


OG/OC Hunter Carlberg

6’1” 275 lbs

Minneapolis, MN


OC Joe Schons

6’3” 301 lbs

Savage, MN


WR Christian Phillips



C/NG Ben Knutson

6’2” 265 lbs

Glyndon, MN


OLB/DB Zach Larson

5’11” 185 lbs

West Fargo, ND


DE Mason Bennett (Offered today by UND)

6’4” 230 lbs

Winnipeg, MB


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I will agree with that statement, however taking players that want to be at UND may be better than a few that feel they "settled" for UND. Things will improve, and the first commitment should start the ball rolling with others that have been offered. At this point I will reserve judgement until the season is over and the new recruiting class is signed.

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