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New Haven Register on the ‘Ralph’


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It never hurts to get some East Coast Publicity for the Ralph, even if it is only New Haven :D.

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The most lavish of Las Vegas casinos has absolutely nothing on Ralph Engelstad Arena, the $100 million hockey cathedral that sits like a palace amidst the endless plains of North Dakota farmland.

The Yale hockey team and staff were speechless as they stepped into the immaculate facility for the first time on Friday morning, though that’s the normal reaction for visiting teams making their initial visit to play at the University of North Dakota.


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Boy, it goes on to make the Sioux sound like the Dallas Cowboys.

I wasn't surprised at the article, but I was kind of hoping for Yale to show it's snootiness more. You know, a high brow article of condescendance and snide-ness. Only Tim Taylor used the only word above an eighth grade vocabulary (Opulent) and he's not even from Yale initially.

If they were making us out to be the Cowboys, we'd have had a few more cocaine busts and Bochenski would turn into a locker room minister. :D

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If you read this and the other articles on the series, there were a few blasts at North Dakota. The story on Saturday's games took a thinly veiled shot at the academic integrity of UND. Hopefully this stuff doesn't continue, I don't want to be known around the country as the Florida State of hockey.

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I don't see why anybody's concerned about what the New Haven paper would write about UND or REA. Most of those eastern snobs don't believe hockey exists west of Ohio, and the Yalies look down their noses at Princeton. :D??? Screw 'em. This is hockey, not some effete meeting of overindulged geeks. :)

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