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Hale Fight


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You do realize that is a former Gopher's chin, right?

The funny thing was that the ESPN online article said Martin was the fighter, I couldn't believe it, so I check the box score and sure enough it was Hale.

Goals are cool.

Right hooks are cooler. That he was an ex-Gopher is just icing on the cake. ;)

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From that snapshot, it looks like a one-sided fight. With Hale's strength & Clymer's boxed-in positioning along the boards, Hale might have had the upper hand. Maybe that poster from NJ can give us her impressions; there's also a link to an online NJ newspaper somewhere on this board...Burns wanted more of this from his rookies & it looks like he got it...That Hale sure is a natural fighter...

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I'm along the same lines as SFiP's opinion. From what I know about hockey fights, the worst position you want to be in is with your back against the boards. Then all the other guy has to do is to lean on you with one hand and go to town with the other.

SFiP, thanks for telling me who the TB player was. BTW- It was in a losing effort.

I just hope they don't give up on Hale like they did on Commodore (who may be turning into a bust ;) )

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Couldn't see it very well - noticed Gionta wanting to fight someone on the opposite side of the ice first. Hale ended up taking Clymer down, but I had forgotten that this year they've been leaving the fights on the jumbotron (in the past it went straight to a logo screen) so I had a pretty bad view.

Got one (bad) picture - http://devsrule.com/2003_10/031018-61.jpg

Hale actually started the game. A lot of articles seem to make it sound like he got in because Nieder went out, but I'm pretty sure he was playing and Martin was the one added as Martin left warmups earlier than normal.

Hale still needs to get more physical (actually I'm not entirely sure his play deserves the "more" - I guess he had a couple of shifts that qualified as physical, plus the fight).

I didn't see Hale in the halo on Thursday night so hopefully he got the opportunity to watch with Robinson (during pre-season I sat downstairs and got to see Martin get that opportunity).

I try to get pictures up within a couple of days of the game - they aren't great, but will probably include some of Hale if he plays.

still unhappy that Albelin was signed and even more unhappy that he wore an A,


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