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  1. Chorney article - http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news...5a-ca301b59629e
  2. Re-read what you wrote - "these kids are" not probably are, not might be, "these kids are". And the Canucks made it clear that there was no contract violation very quickly. But hey, you can't be bothered to read, you are too busy posting about something you are ignorant of that no one apparently is supposed to read and react to.
  3. He did not violate his contract and his agent never discussed it with him. So maybe try reading some of the articles before making such a claim.
  4. FYI, I finally finished getting my pictures from Portland online (4/26 US practice/fan skate, 4/27 US & Sweden morning skates & 4/27 US vs. Sweden exhibition game) and there are plenty of Greene, Parise and Stafford - http://pa.photoshelter.com/package-show/P00000JV46.WJfq8
  5. FYI, all the pictorials from the weekend for Team USA/Sweden are up now: Saturday's US practice and fan skate http://www.uscho.com/pictorial.php/126 Sunday's US and Sweden morning skates http://www.uscho.com/pictorial.php/127 Sunday's game http://www.uscho.com/pictorial.php/128
  6. mwade

    Who is this

    Thank you FYI, finally got the pictorial uploaded - http://www.uscho.com/pictorial.php/120/
  7. mwade

    Who is this

    I know Oshie, Poolman and Hakstol, but can't recognize the other kid. Thanks.
  8. You can see Fabian on NHL Network right now. They are showing ECHL Florida vs. Pensacola
  9. Seeing as the number 1 goalie and the number 2 goalie are both freshmen, that's not a bad thing for BC. If the sophomore who played on the club team last year was in net, I'd worry.
  10. mwade

    Away Series

    Not sure what kind of work you are in, but since you are Boston-based you may want to see if you know a Flynn Fund donor. If I couldn't find a single available from a fellow fan, that's what I did as I know several between our Boston office and BC alum here in NY. Pike's Peak (hockey donors) membership doesn't help afaik (I am one), just the general athletic fund.
  11. mwade

    Away Series

    I've usually stayed at the Terrace Inn (Best Western) , which is down Comm Ave from BC and near a stop on the T. It'd be a decent walk (with a hill) plus Conte is on the other side of the campus. Here's the BC guide - the Holiday Inn is pretty close, iirc, and on the Conte side of the campus (not that that is much of a walk). Tickets are a PITA! BC's ticket policy is part of what made me start shooting "legitimately" rather than just as a fan as I didn't like the thought of making the trek from NYC w/o a guaranteed ticket. They have started selling tickets to some games online (apparently w/ a hefty fee), but I doubt your game would be included. Buy from UND. Your seats will definitely be on the UND bench side as parents are usually hanging around my area (BC has the benches on opposite sides of the ice).
  12. By "board froze", I meant the auction current bid listing for the final two hours. I thought someone would have bid more on the Toews sweater in the final two hours.
  13. Clearly I didn't read the rules well enough - didn't realize they went with your top bid as opposed to doing it like ebay. Really didn't expect to win all three pairs. Yikes. Surprised the Toews didn't go up at all after the board froze.
  14. Thanks. That should do it.
  15. They both wear all green? (It's graduated, not solid). Are their pad designs the same as well? I just wanted to cut down on the unidentifieds and not give y'all an easy mistake (since I always seem to have atleast one error on any UND gallery) to point out :-).
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