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UNO's new barn


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Don't know if all the Sioux fans have seen this place, it's amazing. It is multipurpose (also the home of Creighton basketball), seats about 14.7k for hockey, has attached convention space/Hilton hotel, total cost: $291 million. UNO has really been putting together a good hockey program with great fan support and now has the facility to complement it.

Check out MavRick's new photos of Qwest Center Omaha (the first I've seen with ice down)

So when are the Sioux going to Omaha so I have an excuse?

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Nice rink. Looks like Ralph may have gotten a lot more for his money though ($104 million vs. $291 million). Not that they would get it anyway, since the NCAA can already sell out much larger NHL venues, but since it's under 15k seating, it's not eligible for as a Frozen Four venue. On second thought, they can probably put in enough temporary seating to get them over the hump, should it be necessary. Wonder what average attendence for UNO will be? It was 8,314 last year according to their official website. Good for #4 in the nation. Couldn't find what their old rink's capacity was though. Kind of reminds me of the Kohl Center. Impressive on the outside, big (& nice) on the inside, but with far less amenities than REA.

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The biggest question is: What do the students end up with? Do they end up with the nice arena but the short end of the stick?

What this tell me, more than anything is that they are dead serious about their hockey team. They are trying to compete with the big boys in hockey. Wow.

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Pretty impressive arena. Good for them. Not crazy about the name though...I hate this naming rights stuff (PacBell Stadium, U.S. Cellular Field, etc...) They need to bring back the classic names like Soldier Field, Comisky Park, Ralph Englestad Arena :angry: , and the Rivercentre.

It looks like they've learned from REA and built the suites in a place where standing students won't bother them.

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It was 8,314 last year according to their official website. Good for #4 in the nation.

That number is the "capped out" max in their old barn. Yes, they averaged "sold out" for the season.

They'll probably take a good run at #1 total and #1 average in NCAA hockey attendance this season.

Not having people right behind them on the glass has to make goalies appreciate the place.

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Hi there. It's my site where you saw the photos. Saw this in my referrer log and thought I'd stop by. Nice place you got, my North Central brothers and sisters.

A few points on Qwest Center Omaha.

1. It is owned by the city and run by an independent board called the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority.

2. $291 was the total price tag for the arena and convention center, of which $75 million is attributed to the Arena alone. Not to worry, the Ralph is still the Taj Mahal of college hockey, or, frankly, of any sport played anywhere.

3. The downside to an off-campus facility is ice time and UNO trains on a municipal rink. Still, I was talking to our rookies, and one of them said he played in front of 700 people in Alberta. I think we'll get a little buzz from a recruiting perspective.

4. Creighton University basketball is the co-anchor tenant with UNO Hockey.

5. The seating you saw in the photos was being configured for a concert that took place last night. There will be conventional seats in a 360-degree lower bowl that comes all the way down to the boards for hockey and then a horseshoe-shaped upper bowl. Thre is, however, what we are calling a "patio" or open area in front of the branded concession stands in the shoot-once end. I think the see-and-be-seen types will do a lot of hanging out there. The word is QCO could put in temp seating there to add a couple thou and get over any arbitrary seating requirements needed for an NCAA event.

6. Love to see the Sioux join us down here. (Need to get up the road to GF, for that matter.) I've always heard rumors that it was the Sioux who kept UNO out of the WCHA (never anything concrete) so there may be some emnity there. Whatever the relationships between our schools, if you show up in your Sioux gear and introduce yourself to me at the QCO, I'll buy you an age-appropriate beverage of your choice.

Thanks for visiting my site; thanks for letting me in here; good luck with the upcoming season.


MavRick's UNO Hockey Pages


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Thanks for the info, MavRick. I'd really like to see a game in Omaha's new arena.

Someone can (and will) correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd heard that UNO elected not to join the WCHA because it didn't want to go through the waiting period (five years, I believe).

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