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Per Brad's blog.

UND's lines

17 Jason Gregoire--16 Ryan Duncan--26 Brett Hextall

19 Evan Trupp--29 Chris VandeVelde--21 Matt Frattin

20 Matt Watkins--11 Darcy Zajac--8 Ryan Martens

10 Andrew Kozek--22 Brad Malone--18 David Toews

2 Joe Finley--5 Chay Genoway

3 Derrick LaPoint--25 Jake Marto

6 Zach Jones--14 Brad Miller

31 Brad Eidsness

30 Aaron Walski

Scratches: Mario Lamoureux, Brent Davidson, Ben Blood, Corey Fienhage

Minnesota's lines

29 Ryan Stoa--19 Jordan Schroeder--26 Jay Barriball

12 Tony Lucia--16 Mike Carman--22 Ryan Flynn

11 Mike Hoeffel--7 Patrick White--13 Nico Sacchetti

21 Jake Hansen--18 Nick Larson--14 Justin Bostrom

10 Aaron Ness--20 David Fischer

28 Cade Fairchild--6 R.J. Anderson

2 Kevin Wehrs--3 Sam Lofquist

33 Alex Kangas

35 Kent Patterson

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Hakstol's Booster meeting comments:

~Duncan is getting more comfortable at center. We put Hextal up there, and we think some chemistry is developing.

~The Zajac line lost their flow in Detroit, but we are starting to see it come back.

~We need some offense out of Vande. Glad to see that he is re-emerging.

~Ben Blood is playing well, but Miller is a more comfortable choice with Jones for tonight. Could be inserted tomorrow.

~16 game stretch starts tonight. This team will go as far as its senior class takes it.

Hak looked pretty fired up for this series in his speech. I'm excited to see what the boys can do tonight.

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Haven't done this for a while, so I may have missed some.

Hak's pre-game comments:

I think we've had a good focused week...now we have to carry that focus into the game tonight.

I think they're a good solid team up front with 3 or 4 top players up front. They're a good deep team up front.

We're best when we're in our rhythm, so we're going to do our best doing that. We're not going to match lines early on. We'll have to make up our mind about that as the game goes on. The defense is the critical matchup. We're not just going to have one pair play again, but we'll definitely have a couple of units who can do a good job against them.

We said to make sure you use a little bit of that extra energy. You have to come in the game with enough presence and poise to make good plays. There's a fine line of that balance, but I'm confident that we can find that balance.

Brad back on the blue line. Bottom line is that he's been effective down there. It was a tough decision to take Blood out, because he had a good weekend last week and a good week of practice. We'll make that decision day by day.

Their numbers are excellent on the specialty teams. But we feel we can be effective on the special teams. We're going to have to have it against their effective kill. Hopefully we can beat one of their guys up the rush and have opportunities in the zone. There will be some plays that are broken up and you have to go get it, but if you're sharp and crisp, you'll be able to make the play happen.

Both teams can cycle the puck well...both can be real hard on the opposing teams defense. I think we have to be physical against their d-corps. You have to be physical against their big guys, but especially against their d-corp, especially some of the younger guys back there.

We have a lot of young guys playing good hockey. Our next few months will come down to our senior class. Those guys will be our driving force.

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