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  1. Well thank you everyone for the advice on locations
  2. Well thank ya for the info! Now I just need some snow!
  3. Is anyone from the Fargo/GF area headed to Denver?
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of locally I want to learn how to snowboard this winter. So any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Anyone know any info on good places to ski/snowboard? And when places open and all that good stuff?
  6. Kinda pisses me off that they waited till the last minute to score a damn goal. Can't believe I stayed up for this game.
  7. Goal good 2-0 UAA Time to put Dell back in... lol
  8. Goal being reviewed... I think we should put Dell in
  9. I agree! But Blood is pretty good too! haha
  10. Eidsness is starting tonight. But I agree, Dell did great!
  11. Eidsness in net tonight.
  12. Will this be on Ch 44 in Fargo?
  13. Bruneteau, Hill, and Maris are all not making the trip. Dell will most likely start Friday night.
  14. So I understand I can watch the webcast. But will it also be on the radio? I'm in Fargo.
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