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Best NHL Goaltender Period


Who is the best NHL Goalie ever?  

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  1. 1. Who is the best NHL Goalie ever?

    • Patrick Roy
    • Martin Brodeur
    • Dominick Hasek
    • Ed Belfour
    • Jean-Sebastien Giguere
    • Ken Dryden
    • Jacques Plante
    • Terry Sawchuk
    • Other

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With the retirement of Patrick Roy, some say he was the best ever. Giguere has four shutouts this playoff season, with Brodeur having a record six. Everyone on the list has had at least four shutouts in one postseason. Belfour did it in 2000 with Dallas. Brodeur is the only one on the list to have four or more shutouts twice in one postseason. This is one of the many reasons I would pick Brodeur.

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Brodeur should never be considered as good as Roy for the simple fact that he has played his entire career for a defensive oriented team in NJ. While Colorado and Montreal played good team defense, they did not base their entire system on the trap.

In the modern era I would say it goes:

1) Roy

2) Brodeur

3) Hasek

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Based on my New Jersey Devils bias I will bet that Broduer will retire as the best. Right now it is hard to argue against Roy but give Brodeur another 6 or 7 years and he will take Roys records. Gigure I feel is a solid goalie but he is not as good as he has been playing. The Devils have gotten thier licks on him.

Hasek while a great goalie never had the team that he needed to win the cup until the very end.

Brodeur is an Iron man he can play 70 games a year and win 40 of them consistently, given time he will be considered the best ever!!! But with out arguement... you better not agrue... Brodeur is the best goalie that is still playing.

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I gotta go with St. Patrick, with Hasek a close second...I have seen both do things I had no idea the human body could do. However, in 5 years I agree with Greyeagle that we may be calling Marty Brodeur the greatest of all time.

Why is Giguere on the list? Sure he's playing great right now, but I think he has to do this well for more than half a season before he can be considered with the likes of Roy, Dryden, Hasek, and Brodeur IMO.

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On a bit of a side note how would it feel to be Andrew Brunette, who deaked possibly the best goalie of all time in OT of game 7 of a Cinderella play-off series and have it be the last goal scored on the guy?

I think you can guess how it felt to be Brunette by looking at the picture of his celebration after the goal :glare:

I wont call Marty the best until he wins as many Cups as Roy and as many Conn Smythes. He may pass him in wins (I wouldnt guarantee it though) and other records but the Conn Smythes speak for themselves IMHO.

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As a Red Wings fan, it pains me to say this, but Patrick Roy because of his longevity and consistency. Consideration should also be given to Ken Dryden, Bernie Parent and Dominic Hasek.

I agree that Giguere does not belong on the list. Jacque Plante, Ed Belfour, and many others deserve consideration long before a goalie who has played 1/2 season.

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I agree that Giguere does not belong on the list. Jacque Plante, Ed Belfour, and many others deserve consideration long before a goalie who has played 1/2 season.

I'd vote for Glen Hall, Tony Espisito, & Gump long before I voted for Jiggy. Hell, I'd vote for Mike Vernon & Tom Barrasso before I voted for Jiggy. 10-12 years from now who knows, but right now not a chance.

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who has the most cups?

I believe that it is Roy with 4, three of which he also won the Conn Smythe (The only one where he didn't win the Conn Smythe was in 96 with the Avs). Hasek only has one Cup, and Broduer has two.

I have another nominie...Jon Casey :glare: . C'mon, who didn't see that coming :angry:

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MinnesotaNorthStar Posted on May 30 2003, 02:43 PM


Why is Giguere on the list?

Giguere is the longshot in the race. Just added him for a little flavor. Hot goalie(until NJ), 4 shutouts in the playoffs, what the heck.

Ken Dryden won 6 cups in the 8 years he played. 76-4-1 with Cornell University. Never lost more than 10 games in a season.

Terry Sawchuk had 103 career shutouts

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I saw ESPN comparing Patrick to Cy Young. But like baseball it's the No. 2 man on the wins list who is the best. Terry Sawchuk won an incredible number of games in a season almost 20% shorter than today, most in the days before the mask. And his 103 shutouts will be tough to beat.

Here is a nice little piece of Sawchuk and the misfortunes that befell him.


Also, in comparing Roy and Brodeur, while the Devils play a defensive style that means that Brodeur has to win games for them. Roy's teams, especially in Colorado have been obscenely talented and had the offensive firepower to win games and yet as great as they are, they have only picked up two Cups.

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Yep, Sawchuk was awfully good. There is a tendency to believe that the best in sports are the ones playing in the modern era. Remember, there were only six teams then. Think how good you had to be to make an NHL roster.

As for my guy, Glenn Hall, his consecutive game streak says something about his ability. His consecutive game streak ended at 502 games, 552 if you include the playoffs. That is a record that, I think is safe to say, will never be broken. He also appeared in a record 13 all-star games. He was so good as a rookie that Detroit traded away Terry Sawchuk. Hall finished the season by winning the Calder Trophy as "rookie of the year," leading the league in shutouts, which he did five more times.

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List of top 20 goalies per number of shutouts. Martin and Eddie will pass Roy next year. Can Brodeur get 39 before he retires? If he plays 8 more years and gets five per year it looks likely. Heard he is very dedicated to his workout program.


1. Terry Sawchuk 103

2. George Hainsworth 94

3. Glenn Hall 84

4. Jacques Plante 82

5. Tiny Thompson 81

6. Alex Connell 81

7. Tony Esposito 76

8. Lorne Chabot 73

9. Harry Lumley 71

10. Roy Worters 67

11. Patrick Roy * 66

12. Ed Belfour * 65

13. Martin Brodeur * 64

14. Turk Broda 62

15. Dominik Hasek 61

16. John Ross Roach 58

17. Clint Benedict 55

18. Bernie Parent 54

19. Ed Giacomin 54

20. Ken Dryden 46

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MinnesotaNorthStar Posted on Jun 5 2003, 11:25 AM


QUOTE (BisonMav @ Jun 5 2003, 10:54 AM)

Latest rumors on the Streets of St Paul are that Manny Fernandez may be replacing Patrick Roy. 

Where did you hear this?

I am not going to drop names, but working accross the street from the Excel, you would be surprised who you bump into and talk to some days. I don't think this one hasn't even hit the Pioneer Press yet.

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