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From Brad's blog.

UND's lines

20 Matt Watkins--29 Chris VandeVelde--17 Rylan Kaip

10 Andrew Kozek--7 T.J. Oshie--16 Ryan Duncan

22 Brad Malone--19 Evan Trupp--21 Matt Frattin

26 Kyle Radke--11 Darcy Zajac--8 Ryan Martens

4 Taylor Chorney--28 Robbie Bina

2 Joe Finley--5 Chay Genoway

6 Zach Jones--25 Jake Marto

1 Phil Lamoureux

30 Aaron Walski

Minnesota's lines

13 Ben Gordon--17 Blake Wheeler--26 Jay Barriball

12 Tony Lucia--16 Mike Carman--22 Ryan Flynn

11 Mike Hoeffel--7 Patrick White--24 Mike Howe

21 Tom Pohl--19 Evan Kaufmann--14 Justin Bostrom

5 Derek Peltier--20 David Fischer

28 Cade Fairchild--4 Stu Bickel

2 Kevin Wehrs--6 R.J. Anderson

33 Alex Kangas

1 Jeff Frazee

35 Brent Solei

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Hakstol's pre-game comments:

I think we've played pretty well for a lot of the year, so I don't know if we've played better lately. We've closed games out, done a few things better, our PP has gotten better; we've taken advantage of our opportunities. We still have areas to get better at. Without the puck, we need to get better. In the neutral zone and defensive zone, we need to be more tenacious. Still looking for some changes on the lines, made some again this week, so hopefully we some good things.

Minnesota is a pretty good offensive team. They cycle it and possess it as well as any team we've faced. I don't know if we've thought to much about them not scoring goals.

Maybe who can possess the puck and bring more pressure in the offensive zone will decide the game, both tonight and tomorrow night. We need to make sure to make life pretty tough for Kangas, get in there and get some rebounds on him.

They came in, in December, and they had a strong performance. I've watched a lot of their games and though their record doesn't show it, they've had strong performances all year long.

Our juniors and seniors have played in some big games, so they need to put that experience to use, and bring it to the table consistantly down the stretch. The young guys have to go out and bring energy. They're most likely not going to have poise and pressure, and the older guys have to show them the way.

I think it's fun to be involved in these games. This building is a great atmosphere. How could you not like playing in this type of game?

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Is there any chance anyone has a webcast link for the game. i have been looking all over the net for a link but no luck. anybody have more luck than me???

I'm sure there are a lot of people looking for an alternative to the the two homers on the Goofer sports network ... I wish the Sioux Radio feed was a bit better sync'd with the video ;)

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I know its Friday night and we're on the road, but I have a feeling we're going to play well tonight.


1) PATIENCE with the puck. Plays develop slowly on the big rink.

2) USE the whole surface. Killing penalties especially, we're used to a possess-clear it approach. MN often makes a pass, and that's often better. Angles exist all over; use them.

3) DEFENSE: Hold your ground and make them come to you. Don't get caught out in nowhere land when the play moves behind you.

4) MOVE feet and DRAW penalties.

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