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  1. I don't think NDSU does it more than anyone else... that's not my point. I have no problem with rival coaches contacting verbally committed recruits. I bring it up because NDSU asked an UND commit "how committed are you" and were shot down.
  2. I can tell you that at least one current commit was pursued by NDSU after committing to UND. The recruit said "thanks, but no thanks."
  3. Great points. The recruiting experience really shows off UND's lack of commitment to football vs. other FCS schools. So much more can be done to show off what UND has to offer, and the fixes are not super expensive. Then when a recruit attends a hockey game the difference in funding becomes even more glaring.
  4. Of course we should be interested in Jeff Driscoll. It's a no-brainer. It would be surprising if he didn't find and FBS school however.
  5. This is a recruiting forum! It's about the 2015 football recruiting efforts for the University of North Dakota! In the end it's up to the moderators to keep this thread on track and prevent personal attacks. They have been nowhere to be found for the last few weeks. Blame the NDSU fans all you want but it's the mods who set the rules and enforce them.
  6. Isn't this a 2015 Recruiting thread? Honestly, where are the mods? This entire forum has tanked in the last couple of weeks. It's an easy fix; it just takes mods who make an effort.
  7. With classy posts like this ^ (loser fan base) I really question why Bison fans are allowed to post here, or why this site isn't monitored more closely.
  8. Anyone have any info on Kyle Fowlkes, a safety from Edina High School? The wiki site lists him as having an offer... I ran into one of his old teachers and he said he is going to North Dakota, but he is not showing up on any list as a verbal. Do we know if he accepted the offer or not?
  9. I'm just passing along what I've been told. I have no idea who is right or wrong, nor do I have an opinion.
  10. I'm glad you have had a good experience. The info I've been told is from some of your teammates, so there is some internal disagreement on the best path.
  11. I have heard a number of complaints about the S+C coach... specifically that everyone does the exact same workout, as in the punter does the exact same off season workout as the defensive linemen. There is some hope about a change in the off season.
  12. John Santiago is one of 10 finalists for Minnesota's "Mr. Football."
  13. Congratulations to Carl Engwall and Patric Rooney for being named to the Minneapolis Star Tribune's first team all metro.
  14. He would have to seriously consider it. I think most everyone would, even someone who grew up rooting for the Bison. It's the Big Ten... that's a whole different ballgame, even if it's Purdue (who in fairness has shown some improvement this year).
  15. Nice drive by Keaton and the rest of the offense. The WRs have to catch the dang ball.
  16. Keaton was sick this week and got snaps with the ND offense beginning 4 days ago. True freshman, on the road vs. a ranked team's homecoming. It would have been a miracle if it had gone well.
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