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  1. He’s the deuce they don’t want to drop...
  2. How in the F*** was FBS able to finish a season 3 months ago?
  3. Seasons that ended 2005-06 & 2010-11 were pretty bad if I recall.
  4. When did we start hanging conference tournament banners?
  5. I think the Big 10 overall will be getting a reality check when they have to start playing non-conference games again are not judged/ranked by playing each other.
  6. I was at the Force game on Friday, March 19 and the NCAA logos were already on the ice.
  7. In any other year with the Conference Tournament being the weekend before the NCAA playoffs, I would say having a bye on a Friday would be a good thing however this year with the extended timeframe I’m not sure. Duluth hasn’t played a game in 12 days. Up until last night, UND hadn’t played in 11 days.
  8. AIC fans travel better than St Cloud fans even during COVID...
  9. Right, because it was just Oxbow. Great first post...clown.
  10. Big 10 hockey is a joke. Duluth would have handed Michigan their ass if that game was actually played this afternoon.
  11. Or the NCAA freaks out and cancels the Fargo Regional because COVID was in Scheels Arena.
  12. Maybe he stopped doing it because the coin appeared to be smarter than him.
  13. I believe he was talking about the Bison time of possession.
  14. I see Red River is still bleaching their hair after all these years. I didn’t know that was still a thing.
  15. NDSU should call Sunday’s game “90’s Night” as to throwback when the building was half full for a game. Fans could wear flannel and Pearl Jam t-shirts.
  16. Glad this is the last time we have to listen to these two clowns this year...
  17. Check out this gem. Only $250 on the Electronic Bay. Don’t try to lowball this guy. He knows what he has.
  18. I hope Wentz can still get out of that s*** hole Philadelphia.
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