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  1. Coming from Wisconsin and bringing 4. First game since I moved away from GF 3 years ago.
  2. Last time we got a commitment from a kid from Waukesha West he ended up being an All-Big Ten linebacker....
  3. A few years ago I worked on the marketing team for the athletic department and was actually the guy in the production booth cuing a lot of the timing for videos and music and what not. The setup then, and I can't imagine it has changed much, was far from ideal. I would receive feedback and instructions on things like music volume from the director of marketing who was on field level. I would then relay those to Alerus employees actually controlling the video boards and sound system. I specifically remember an instance where I was told to turn up the music on 3rd downs on defense by the guy on the field, relayed that to the guy running the sound and his boss told him not to turn it up because it was already loud enough. It was constantly a battle with the Alerus staff to try get things where we wanted them and we often were forced to settle for less than what we thought was best for the game day experience. As far as the lights go, I do remember it taking quite a long time to get the lights back up to game time brightness and we squeezed that time into our pre game script with less than 5 seconds of leeway. A lot of the pregame script timing was dictated to us by the Big Sky and we would have to build the video and intros around those times. If the Big Sky cut a minute or even 30 seconds from the time allotted then the lights would not be able to be back up to the required brightness and kickoff would be delayed, tv broadcast would be screwed up, etc. that's my guess as to why the lights no longer go off.
  4. If that goes through SABMiller will have to dissolve their stake in Miller Coors in the US.
  5. 28-10 NDSU Never have I ever wanted to be so wrong.
  6. If the receiver was on the line then our RT would have needed to declare eligible. Tight end is on the receiver's side. Looks like we got away with one.
  7. Punting on 4th and 5 from the opponent's 38. I can't believe coaches are still making decisions like that.
  8. Couldn't disagree more. I love the strategy. The offense gains a huge advantage in numbers when electing not to punt or try long field goals. Especially when the opposing coach employs the traditional strategy.
  9. Would love this! I'm an Arizona bball fan and the Pac-12 holds their tourney in Vegas at the same time. Sign me up!
  10. Word on Twitter is that he's signed with the Broncos.
  11. Shanks tweeted earlier today welcoming him to the UND family.
  12. With Jones we're in a similar limbo as we were with Muss. Hired in D2, not enough success to warrant a raise to D1 standards, not quite bad enough to get the axe. It is frustrating to just look at the numbers in a vacuum but we saw Faison make the investment in football that we all agreed was needed as soon as Muss fell below an acceptable level of competitiveness. I see no reason to think he won't act similarly for basketball. Provided, of course, that Jones doesn't take the next step as a coach.
  13. I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.
  14. Average 6000+ and twice had 10000+ plus the MAC is a pretty solid basketball conference that rarely doesn't have at large NCAA tourney bids.
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