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  1. Count on two more Sioux fans making the trek from Minnesota. Hopefully a very entertaining weekend. My two sons and I were out in Worcester when the Sioux beat both BC and BU (mini beanpot!).. Anything can happen at this point in the season..
  2. 1:32 left Tech goalie back in net.. faceoff in their end
  3. I have had this setup for quite some time and have several satellites programmed in to the receiver. Those work great and the motorized unit locks on other sats... i.e. cctv 4 I'm using an univeral lnb so maybe I have that setup wrong in the traxis 3500. I'll post this over on psb's sat board. thanks
  4. yes... gave up on the traxis... pulled the old satwworks out and set up the coords.... I'm up!!! Go Sioux!! Got to have something set wrong in the 3500.
  5. I'm on 91w freq 12186 sym 04872 V At 77% but no FSSN?
  6. Found these three with blind scan...I had the same problem and couldn't pick up the feed I was on 121WL (could see the Dish welcome screen). I even manually put in the coordinates still no signal. I'll try Pete's possible solution tonight.
  7. Great win for the Sioux and overall WCHA champs. For those that were at the Khole Center (spelling?), how was the atmosphere? I'm sure that B.E. got an ear full after the first goal. We were there for the regional last year and the crowd really does get into the game. Also does anyone have a clip of VV's game winning goal? I missed it as I got up and knocked my laptop (connected to TV) to the floor about the time he scored..
  8. I'm still looking for 2 tickets for Friday Dec 12 . PM or email to: wdahlen@hotmail.com thanks... Go Sioux!!
  9. Hello, I'm looking for 2 tickets for the Dec 12-13 series. PM or email to: wdahlen@hotmail.com thanks,
  10. Road tripping it from Spicer... second year in a row driving to Denver for hockey. Staying at the Westin near the rink... Looking for 4 wins in a row at the Pepsi Center... Still can picture Iron man Porter's wrap around goal from last year! Go SIOUX!!
  11. Just throwing this out to the group.... I am driving down with my son to the Saturday 2pm game.. He needs to be back to Mpls on Sunday so I am looking for a ride back to Minneapolis after we win the regional on Sunday.!! Please PM me if you are willing or able to give me ride back to Mpls. thanks GO SIOUX!!
  12. According to Mapquest... about 270 miles and 4 1/2 hours driving time Mpls to MadCity. We (2 or 3 of us) are planning to leave early Sat morning hopefully the roads will be good...
  13. Yep.... they did replay the fight looked better the second time!!!
  14. Four of us in for the Saturday night game.... First some German cuisine and a cold one in New Ulm then off to the Alltel Center.
  15. Hello, I am looking for two tickets each night for the upcoming series Dec 28, 29. Please PM or email to wdahlen@hotmail.com thanks!!
  16. Huskies 3 - CC 1... 1 min left in the 1st, I live about 45 miles from St Cloud so it is a local feed on Charter Comm.
  17. Huskies were up 1-0 but they turn it over in front of the net... now St Cloud 1, CC 1 still in the 1st. Nice to see a few upsets in the WCHA...
  18. Yes.. just lost the sat video feed?
  19. Here is a link to the BlackHawks NHL.com site. There is a video link (last game) from this site that has the highlights from last nights game including the Toews goal.. http://blackhawks.nhl.com direct link to NHL video portal
  20. How about Brad Eidness Goalie of the Okotoks (AJHL)- who has committed to North Dakota.. Any possibilities for him next year? AJHL league stats
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