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  1. Hey Hey Hey...what's with all this one and a million talk? This team will double it's point production compared to last night, heck, maybe even triple it....Let's go Sioux!
  2. With a win tomorrow, UND Fighting Hawks will maybe slide back in the top 20 in the pairwise
  3. This is becoming the norm and it sucks. Remember when Hak won with not a full lineup at the end year and still made the regionals? I love Sioux Hockey, but this is tough. Hoping for an ass kickin tomorrow, because that's all we got.
  4. I have seen Mancinelli play a handful of games this year for the Fargo Force, early in the year he started on the 3rd line, now he got bumped up to the 2nd line and plays every situation (powerplay and penalty kill), maybe due to injuries, but getting good ice time. I do believe he'll be a good college player, he's young and fairly small, but not afraid to put his nose in and battle.
  5. 2 seats Sec 316 Row H Seats 1& 2 Text/call 701-330-2054 I can email the tickets
  6. 16 Grant Mismash–22 Rhett Gardner–29 Jordan Kawaguchi 10 Gavin Hain–19 Mark Senden–26 Cole Smith 7 Zach Yon–27 Ludvig Hoff–21 Jackson Keane 5 Casey Johnson–14 Jasper Weatherby–20 Josh Rieger 3 Matt Kiersted–6 Colton Poolman 28 Hayden Shaw–24 Jacob Bernard-Docker 17 Jonny Tychonick–2 Gabe Bast 4 Andrew Peski 31 Adam Scheel 1 Peter Thome
  7. 2 tickets - Sec 316 Row H Seats 1 & 2, asking $20 for the pair per night. Tickets are in Fargo or can email them to you. If interested text/call 701-330-2054
  8. 1 ticket for Friday night, Sec 316, Row H, Seat 7, near center ice. Asking $25 for the ticket, the ticket is in Fargo or can transfer the ticket to you by email. If interested text 701-330-2054
  9. I hear yeah, hopefully they can get it going. I also see the freshman goalie is starting I believe
  10. Wow....Smith promoted to first line tonight, after those two dumb penalties last night, I thought he might not be in the lineup tonight...o'well Go Sioux!
  11. 2 Seats located in Sec 316 Row H Seats 1 & 2 - $20 for the pair. If interested call or text 701-330-2054
  12. The 4 tickets are located in Sec 115 Row Q Seats 10-13 on the aisle, $60 per ticket. Also have 2 rooms available at Best Western Plus. If interested, call/text 701-330-2054.
  13. I'm sorry, I did post my pick within the 30 min rule
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