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  1. Ugh...best time of year for many sports fan...now what to watch
  2. I'm sure Wilkie would've prob started the last two years if he stuck around, we could've used his right handed shot. Like many said, it takes some players a few years to adjust to the college game. Look at our Juniors this year, prob the biggest reason for this year turnaround.
  3. I agree, it was looking really good til that shorty and the momentum changed and we didn't have an answer and the goal at the end of the second was a back breaker.
  4. I think Thome gets the start and if the Sioux keeps it simple=north/south game, I like our chances to keep it close..lol. The boys just got outworked and maybe outcoached last night, but a couple saves/plays, last night the Sioux could've had a different outcome I believe...it will be fun/interesting to see how the Sioux respond tonight.
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