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  1. 2 Tickets for Sat night Nov. 9th Sec 316 - Row H - Seats 1 & 2 (near center ice & aisle seats). Asking $30 for the pair, tickets in Fargo or can email them to you. if interested call/text 701-330-2054..Go Sioux!
  2. 2 tickets for tonight in Sec 316 Row H Seats 1 & 2 (aisle and close to center ice), asking $20 for the pair. Tickets are in Fargo or I could email you the tickets. Text or call 7013302054
  3. JaDubbs

    Kato GDT

    Simmonson was terrible on defense...really? He was a 4th line centerman that also played on the penalty kill...I don't think you through player that plays "absolutely terrible" defense on the penalty kill. Simmonson and Wilkie are two different players that were brought in to play different roles. Wilkie played in 62 games for the Sioux and scored 6 goals. Wilkie is a right winger and Simonnson played center. Wilkie was brought in to be a goal scorer, Simmonson was not. It sucked that Wilkie left because we could've used him the last two years but I do believe he left also to play with his brother at CC. Which that didn't pan out because he's not there yet...maybe next year. I think Judd will see the ice more more, I thought he has played well so far. Also Simmonson played on the Championship team as the 4th line centerman, so I don't think he'll go down as one of the worst.
  4. That's what I'm offering and these are near center ice and aisle. Thanks for the info...I think it will be pretty empty tonight.
  5. Asking $20 for the pair/per night. If interested please call/text 701-330-2054
  6. 2 tickets for this Fri & Sat night vs Canisius. Tickets are located in Sec 316 Row H Seats 1 & 2 (aisle seats/near center ice), asking $40 for the pair per night. Tickets are in Fargo or can send them by my email and you pay by PayPal or vemno. If interested please call/text 701-330-2054.
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