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  1. I'll take Trupp for Friday night
  2. What do people think about the d-pairings for this weekend? Will they stay the same as they were on last Sat. night or will they be different...thoughts?
  3. Friday - Toews Saturday - Kristo
  4. Friday - VandeVelde Saturday - Gregoire
  5. Forney situation is interesting...you think if his mind was made up about UND, a person would hear about it. He may be thinking about signing with the Thrashers system...or going to another college..or joining some minor league...tough to say...he must have options though...can't wait til the season starts, it will be another fun season
  6. Here's my two cents on possible lineups: Gregoire - VV - Hextall Frattin - Trupp - Toews Malone - Zajac - Kristo Forney - Cichy - Lammy First Line - insert VV in for Duncan last year, Gregoire and Hextall both had good freshman years, good chemistry and getting VV in front of the net...good things Second Line - Trupp and Toews both played some center last year...Toews played well last year for the time he did play and I think Frattin will continue to get better. Third Line - Zajac and Malone to rough it up in the corners and the speedster Kristo to replace Watkins on this line...goo
  7. JaDubbs

    What if

    My Final WCHA Standings North Dakota 28 39pts Denver 28 36pts Wisc 28 32pts UM-Duluth 28 31pts CC 28 30pts St. Cloud 28 29pts Minnesota 28 28pts UM-Mankato 28 24pts UAA 28 21pts Michigan Tech 28 10pts
  8. Did anyone see Cichy play in Fargo this past weekend? If so, how did he play?
  9. I think Malone would be the first Sioux to get into a fight this year. We need a Radke from last year.
  10. What line does everyone think would be the best to go against the 1st line of the gophers? Maybe Watkins - Zajac - maybe Kozek or Frattin - VV - Trupp. Would anyone put Miller back on D or keep Blood in the lineup to knock around some gophers?
  11. I agree, maybe sit LaPoint for a game, he needs a spark. Have they tried to put Gregoire up on the first line with Duncan and VV yet this year? Move Hextall down to the second line with Frattin and whoever is going to fill in for Trupp. Will Hak go with Malone, Martens, Toews? I think Davidson should c some ice time, he brings some physical play to the game, maybe every other game with Lamoureux.
  12. Update starting line up. Duncan - VandeVelde - Kozek Watkins - Trupp - Frattin Gregoire - Toews - Miller Malone - Zajac - Martens Hextall, Lamourex, Davidson I have never seen any of rookies play before. I know the stat sheet looks pretty impressive for them, but so does everyone elses before they make it here, usually. I'm not sure what's the difference in quality of play from the USHL to the canadian leagues. If any one could let me know I would appreciate the info? This year will be pretty competitive for some of these players to get starts, which is a good thing. It's go
  13. U don't think Trupp could put up 10 goals in a season, who put up 8 goals in 32 games. mmmm....
  14. Here's my possible starting roster: Duncan - VandeVelde - Kozek Watkins - Trupp - Frattin Miller - Zajac - Martens Malone - Toews - Davidson Gregoire, Hextall, Lamoureux Genoway - Finley Marto - Lapointe Jones - Blood Fienhage or MacWilliam I like the first line with VandeVelde and Kozek because they did play on the same line alot last year and of course Duncan. The second line I like the two Soph. playing with the senior Watkins, if Watkins doesn't produce early I think he could get bumped down a line or two. The third line I like Zajac and Martens, not to sure about Mi
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