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  1. Friday night - Grimaldi Saturday night - O'Donnell
  2. I agree, the pony line was so much fun because of physical play, plus putting the puck in the net. Rodwell would bring that physical play to the 1st line, I think O'Donnell from what I saw last year could also be.
  3. My guess MacMillan - Knight - Kristo O'Donnell - Grimaldi - Parks Caggiula - Rowney - St Clair Chyzyk - Pattyn - Rodwell Gaarder - Sanderson - Senkbeil MacWilliam - Gleason Forbert - Schmaltz Simpson - Mattson I think we'll see a few players tried out at left wing on the 1st line, O'Donnell, Rodwell to name a couple. The second line could easily be the same as last year with MacMillan - Rowney - Parks, at times they played better than the 1st line last year, but it's hard to see Grimaldi to be on the 3rd line so I went with Grimaldi. Rowney with a couple of freshman on the 3rd line, I've seen St Clair play but not Caggiula, thinkin he has some skill since they brought him in early and the energy line with Pattyn. Defense looks really solid, lookin foward to see Gleason back on Defense finally, skating the puck up the ice with his speed. Can't wait til the puck drops.
  4. MacMillan - Knight - Kristo Rodwell - Nelson - Grimaldi O'Donnell - Lammy - Parks Dickin - Rowney - St. Clair Forbert - Blood Simpson - MacWilliam Mattson - Gleason There's my guesses for the starting lineups...I know it's going to change throughout the season. It hurts that the Sioux lost so many players as we all know. Losing Gregoire and Hextall early, and having Cichy and Bruno leaving to different colleges and Miller choosing to go up to Canada. It would be nice to still have Toews and Fienhage also, they would b seniors this year...small senior class this year. None of this is new to the Sioux...can't wait til the puck drops in about 2 1/2 months Any guesses of who will weat the letters this year and lineups?
  5. Saturday - Gregoire Sunday - Hextall ~Go Sioux~
  6. I'll take Frattin tonight ~ Go Sioux!
  7. Friday - Knight Saturday - Hextall
  8. I'll take Friday: Hextall Saturday: Gregoire
  9. Does anyone know what's the status of Toews? Is he hurt or sitting because of performance?
  10. Friday - Gregoire Saturday - Trupp
  11. I'll take Hextall for tonight
  12. I'll take Trupp for Friday night
  13. What do people think about the d-pairings for this weekend? Will they stay the same as they were on last Sat. night or will they be different...thoughts?
  14. Friday - Toews Saturday - Kristo
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