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  1. Great seats, $50 for the pair (face value without the fees). Tickets are in Fargo.
  2. UND99

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Thanks for the info, wasn't aware he played up last season.
  3. UND99

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    As an update to this post, age-wise Nick Pierre is an 8th grade first year bantam. Hill-Murray recently brought him up to their varsity team (he had been playing JV), and he's responded by scoring two goals in each of his first two varsity games (vs Maple Grove and Grand Rapids). And just let this sink in for a moment: he's a 2004 who has gone from playing pee wee a year ago to playing high-level varsity this season, skipping right over bantams while not missing a beat. Incredibly impressive! For the FM area folks, Hill-Murray visits Moorhead at the end of the season.
  4. UND99

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Being the thread is titled "Prospective Sioux Recruits" I'm guessing that those individuals are prospective Sioux recruits.
  5. UND99

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Yes, but he's not from EGF. Cole Spicer, 1st year bantam, plays for GF's bantam AA team. He is absolutely someone to keep an eye on as a prospective recruit as he has the potential to be a special player. He's just an 8th grader, but heard he tried out and was offered a spot on GFC varsity. Ultimately decided to play bantam AA, presumably for more games/ice time.
  6. UND99

    Sioux vs Bucky TV options

    Current DirecTV listings show Friday's game on 662 and Saturday's on 669, both HD.
  7. UND99

    Gopher ticket price predictions

    This is the season ticket holder ticket exchange: http://www.ticketsnow.com/und/resaleorder/university-of-north-dakota-hockey-tickets/event/6185?EID=6185
  8. BTW, if anyone from Fargo wants these tickets, I will pull the listing from the Ticket Exchange and sell them for $20/Each ($40 for the pair). Text to 701 - 330 - 2097
  9. I can't make it to today's game, I posted my two seats for sale (just $25/seat) in the Ticket Exchange. Hopefully someone can snatch them up and use them: http://www.ticketsnow.com/und/resaleorder/msu-bears-football-at-university-of-north-dakota-football-tickets-grand-forks-nd-9-9-2017/tickets/2069233?segment=und Section 204, Row D, seats 20-21 (great seats, two in from the aisle on the 40 yard line, four rows up from UND sideline).
  10. UND99

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Another rising 1st year bantam teams will be after in the coming years: Nick Pierre (2004, Cottage Grove/Hill-Murray).
  11. UND99

    Fall Camp Updates 2017

    I posed this question to SFI over the weekend. Their educated guess was a secondary position.
  12. UND99

    McGregor vs. Mayweather

    Mayweather will win in a fight that will be more entertaining than people think as Conor is one tough SOB with a decent stand-up attack. Floyd's hands are lighting-quick but light, so Conor has 36 minutes to punch away and work his way in. Problem is, Floyd is ridiculously good defensively/on the counter. Let's hope Conor calls Freddie Roach, who I'm sure would jump at the chance to train a fighter taking on Floyd. That would surely enhance his "puncher's chance" of defeating one of boxing's all-time masterful tacticians.
  13. UND99

    2017 UND Recruiting

    A bit more about Zimmerman via the links below. Appears to be pretty sharp academically. Perhaps his HS senior year injury nixed the aforementioned walk-on opportunity at WSU. http://goeags.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=3806&path=football http://cccaasports.org/sports/fball/2016-17/players/andrewzimmermank39y