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  1. Nick Pierre played on Cottage Grove Bantam team last year. Great player though and certainly D1 caliber talent!
  2. Maple Grove has Faber (Notre Dame) & Kukkonen (Mich Tech). Who is other Tech committ? Kukkonen older brother, 11th grader is Tech also.
  3. Parker is a Bantam eligible 9th grader which means he has a late '02 birthday
  4. I know it is probably in this thread but does anyone know good hotels to stay at by arena in sioux falls?
  5. http://www.youthhockeyhub.com/news_article/show/828430?referrer_id=967184
  6. Saw Landon Parker (EGF)play last weekend at Bantam Elite League in bemidji, was man amongst boys. Helgeson from GF was also good. Saw Kunz watching games there as well.
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