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  1. Maybe the bid would have been better if we could have put more butts in seats all season long?
  2. I’m curious to know how people have arrived to their conclusions on the 6 candidates?
  3. Deflating loss. I really feel like this would have been a signature win for this program but still a helluva an effort. It’s been said a lot in this forum tonight that the inconsistency of this program is frustrating...and it is, but damnit I’m proud of this team and my heart breaks for Brock Boltmann tonight. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want this team to miss the playoffs...it’s not like we’re playing for draft picks and ya never know in the post season! Get two more, guys!
  4. westsidesioux


    My guess is that Bubba isn’t going anywhere unless he resigns on his own.
  5. westsidesioux


    This team isn’t going to the playoffs.
  6. It’s no wonder why the student section is empty...
  7. Our pass defense is putrid. Davis has three studs back home in California and they are ripping us up.
  8. That entire empty section between the 20 and the 10 and the other sporadically filled sections look awful on tv
  9. I think Watford will eventually have success...just might take time. I’ll tell you one thing, they are embracing the Class A classification and not looking for every way possible to move back down to B. It’s definitely not a community that’s afraid of anything.
  10. No, I’m too distracted trying to read what’s on the scorers table.
  11. If you’re going to run the clock down and burn a TO, get up over the ball and try to drawn them offsides!
  12. Not sure who deserves to be fired more, Rudolph or whoever is playing the music in the Alerus...yikes. Fire up the band permanently.
  13. Honest question, how many years are left on Bubba’s contract?
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