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  1. I am need of some help i am looking for UND hockey cards given away the past few seasons. Any help is appreciated i collect them for my sons any help is appreciated yooperhockey@sbcglobal.net
  2. I am still looking for 04-05, 03-04, and 92-93 and 91-92 trading cards of UND. ANy help is appreciated thanks
  3. I am looking for 04-05 and 03-04 ND hockey cards. Any help also in getting 92-93 hockey card set sponsered by subway. Also, any information on any other trading cards and sets that i might not know about for my sons thanks
  4. I only need these 4 player cards for a set Chris porter Scott Foyt Brady Murray matt jones If you know anyone who can help my sons obtain these 4 cards for the set
  5. I understand there are 30 cards in the set. Also only 5 cards in a pack.
  6. Please help i am looking for souix hockey cards any year for my sons. The ones i know about are these years: 03-04 92-93 91-92 Any help in getting these or any other years of hockey cards is appreciated thanks yooper
  7. still need help in getting the 03-04 ND card set
  8. The first packs were distrubted at the begining of the season and the rest are March 5 and 6 against mtu. If anyone can help me get the 03-04 ND hockey cards for my sons any help is appreciated thanks
  9. Please if any one can help i am looking for 03-04 UND hockey cards sets given away at the begining of the season and will be handed out march 5 and 6 against MtU. My sons would appreciated if they could help them obtain the whole sets for them. So please if anyone is willing to help any or all cards would be appreciated thanks
  10. Great choice you got to like it when a WCHA player wins it. Next, the Minnesota Golden Gophers got to bring home the hardware Saturday.
  11. Update does anyone know about the 92-93 cards thanks
  12. Can anybody give me any leads or information on how can obtain the 92-93 card set for my sons. Does anyone know who might have this set? How many were produced? How were they distributed? The card set is listed in the becket, so i assume somebody must know some information on this set or know who might have one in Grand Forks thanks to who can help
  13. I am looking for 92-93 North Dokata fighting Souix hockey cards sponsered by subway for my sons any help is appreciated thanks
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