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  1. 3 hours ago, UND1983 said:

    I stated a fact. Of course you didn't like it and added stupidity.  

    To add to that, how would Muss know exactly what kind of offense UND would have. He could guess based on history of Rudy but wouldn't know everything entailed.  He was just bitter and selling out the program for firing him due to his own ineptness.  

    I think Kenny left before Bubba was hired so Rudy wouldn't have even been in play.

  2. Just now, UNDBIZ said:

    Would he have developed though? 

    he is a special talent that was easy to spot - even in the spring game after his freshman year.  

    I still think he would have been OK.


  3. 33 minutes ago, iramurphy said:

    Marv Helling, Jerry Olson, Gene Murphy, Pat Behrns, Roger Thomas, Dale Lennon, Chris Mussman, Bubba Schweigert. 

    Every head coach had been a UND assistant at one time. It has actually been over 50 years. Only Pat Berhns failed to win at least a conference championship. Olson, Murphy, Thomas and Bubba turned program around when struggling. To be fair to Mussman he was the sacrificial lamb during transition with little direction or help from administration.  The Berhns years were the most disappointing in the 50 yrs. He was a good recruiter but many of his assistants came from lower level programs. We often were successful recruiting the players we went after but too often recruited players who were not able to excel at this level. On the other hand they also recruited some of our best ever. (Tracy Martin, Willis Jacox, Norm Magee, etc). It took Roger a number of years to rebuild the program which was in great shape when Dale took over.  The jury is still out on Bubba with a Big Sky Championship and 2 playoff appearances but, overall the “family” approach has worked. It shouldn’t be the deciding factor by any means but has worked for the most part. 

    Berhns had lower level assistants because nobody could stand working for him. I was there 4 years during his time.  He was the only one left from time I started to when I was done.  All assistants, trainers, etc were gone.  Some turned over twice. 

  4. 28 minutes ago, Teeder11 said:

    ?? The practice bubble vs. HPC?

    HPC Phase I is certainly a plus.

    If you look at locker rooms, coaches offices, player lounges, weight rooms, strength and conditioning areas.............we really fall short.

    a quick google search will tell you all you need to know about their facilities


  5. 11 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

    Thanks for the update. 

    SU certainly has a lot of advantages over us right now when it comes to getting the kids they want. 

    Facilities, coaching salaries, national success ......... Bubba and the guys are working on it.



  6. 1 hour ago, jdub27 said:

    Yeah...... No. Leaving under his own terms.

    I'm not even sure his position falls under the athletic department anymore either, though he obviously still is tied significantly to the department.

    You're not going to find many people who can earnestly talk about UND with as much passion as Brekke can. 

    Will be interesting to see who they can find to fill his position. Sanderson isn't quite ready for that big of a role yet. 

    I'm hearing the same thing on Steve.  He wasn't looking but this opportunity was offered to him.

    His foundation position sounds like a fun job but I would guess the time away from family over the years would get difficult.

  7. 2 hours ago, JohnboyND7 said:

    The score was 9-0. That would have made it 9-7. The rest of the is different after that.  Heck had it happened later in the game I might be more inclined to give it more value.

    The official guy on Bisonville gave a nice explanation for how officials handle that call. Had they called it a fumble, I dont think anyone would have had valid grounds to complain

    Sorry I was still talking about the game from my younger years.

    I found the game I was looking for.  It was 1982 against Virginia Union.  I was wrong in that they didn't win the NC that year.  Here is the write up from NDSU football guide.  looks like SU was down 6 with a couple minutes left when the inadvertent whistle occurred.  

    1982 NCAA Quarterfinal FARGO, ND--North Dakota State hosted an NCAA playoff game for the first time since 1977 and the Bison were rewarded with a scary 21-20 opening-round victory over Virginia Union. The Bison scored two fourth-quarter TDs including a 1-yard run by Jeff Willis with 1:06 remaining in the game to pull out the win. NDSU trailed 20-7 early in the final stanza before holding the Panthers inside the Bison 40. The Herd then marched 59 yards in four plays with Mark Nellermoe hitting two big passes in the drive to Stacy Robinson and Jeff Conley. On the next possession, the Bison marched 80 yards in 16 plays for the game winner. The series was marred by an inadvertant whistle by an official on an apparent Virginia Union pass interception, and the ball was returned to the Bison on the Panther 14- yard line. The Bison scored four plays later. Virginia Union scored fi rst and had a 12-0 lead before the Bison's Jim Dick blocked a punt that was downed on the Union 2-yard line. Nellermoe took it in from the 1 on the next play.






  8. 3 hours ago, JohnboyND7 said:

    Hmm..I wasn't around back then.  But I just looked at the playoff brackets from every natty the herd won in the 80's and 1990 and they didn't win a single game by 3 or 4 points.  Could have always scored another late touchdown or something afterwards.  It happens.

    I'm thinking football had a lot of goofy stuff back in the day, a lot of which probably went fairly unnoticed since no replays.


    Might have a flawed memory but will look for it. 

    did they win any by 5?  I remember 7 points the other way would have sealed it. 


  9. Just now, Irish said:

    Trey Lance threw a swing pass that was clearly backwards behind the line of scrimmage - the receiver dropped the ball and the defender picked up what clearly should have been a fumble and had a clear path to the end zone.  Ref's called it an incomplete pass.

    I remember a playoff game in the 80's or 90's in Fargo where SU was down 4 points or so with a few minutes left. 

    SU qb got hit as his arm was moving forward.  D Lineman picked ball off in mid air just as ref blew whistle.  D Lineman was rumbling for a TD when a ref blew whistle.   Ref was calling incomplete pass because arm was moving fwd.  Inadvertent whistle and dead ball.  Jumped the gun just before the player picked it off.  SU went down and scored.  On the NC that year

  10. 1 minute ago, Gothmog said:

    Nonsense. The worst call of the day was the missed PI in the end zone against ISU. Had the refs gotten that right it might have been 3+3+7=16 and ISU would have been in position to possibly win at the end.

    what math is that?

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  11. 2 hours ago, lawkota said:


    Wisconsin has over 90.

    Those are just the rowers on the website roster.  They may report more.  According to this Omaha W-H report, Wisco reported 176 members on its women's rowing team in 2018.

    A young woman I coached in basketball went to Wisconsin.  She was actively recruited for rowing once she got to campus because she had the right body type for it.  I didn't realize they had so many on the team.

    I believe she was offered some scholarship money

  12. Got in and got tickets but it was a mad house.  Tickets said available but gone when chose them,  tickets secured but then went away somehow.  Twice it said I had the tickets but glitched during the payment process and kicked me to a waiting screen and had to start over when it came back.

    Missed on lower bowl.  Went away too fast.

    Ended up in 204.  I will second that it was very stressful.

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  13. 1 hour ago, SiouxScore said:

    I think that was part of the problem that Johnson sold the hit a little bit. PJ wasn’t putting on a show at all like it or not that’s how he is. He is the first one out there like that anytime one of his players go down. The situation just looked really weird because of how quick Johnson popped up.

    That's just how he is - that is correct.  He's always putting on a show and I do find it annoying.  Just my opinion

  14. 7 hours ago, SiouxScore said:

    I don't know that it makes a huge difference but that Johnson drop certainly is one that you can look back on. Weird thing is PJ had already checked on a few guys who were down earlier in the game just like that and he has always done that. They tried to say he ran out their too fast that time but he pretty much always gets out there like that with an injury. Seemed like it was just a convenient excuse to throw the flag on the Gophers since they had already thrown one on Iowa after that play.

    Johnson was standing up by the time PJ got there.   There was no reason for him to run on the field.  He got excited because of the late hit and was putting on a show like he always does. 

  15. 24 minutes ago, SiouxScore said:

    PJ is in the big ten title game if the Gophers show up for the 1st half at Iowa. I was really worried when Annexstad got hurt during fall camp because I thought he was the best option at QB. Better arm than Morgan, bigger, faster, more athletic, etc. Morgan proved himself though this season. He was much more confident and showed a stronger arm. The biggest thing though might be the intangibles as everyone raves about his leadership abilities. Biggest thing for him to continue to progress is get better at feeling the rush and he must improves his pocket presence.
     Lance is definitely a better runner than any QB the Gophers have right now Kramer would be the closest as he is very athletic. Gophers don't have a whole lot of true QB run reads in their RPO offense though. Lot of fans think the QB is supposed to pull if the DE crashes each run play but that just isn't true. Gophers have maybe 5 run plays a game where Morgan is truly supposed to read the backside DE. Lance is doing a great job for NDSU and the Gophers have a great group of 4 QBs. The most talent and depth their QB room has seen in a long time.

    PJ might be in the Big 10 title game if he doesn't run on the field and get a 15 yard penalty when Johnson get's knocked down near the goal line.  I would like to see what might have happened if Iowa had to start from their own 7 rather than the 22.



  16. 7 hours ago, LoyalSioux said:

    Really disappointing to read racial comments on this blog. Opposing coaches, TV commentators, and avid fans often complimented the WR corps as a strength of UND this year. It didn’t matter that they were white. The were athletic, sure handed and could run. They beat out others, regardless of color, for playing time. They earned it because they were better. The often were obviously better than the DBs covering them one on one, regardless of color.  I hope the coaches can recruit another Wanzek or Maag and I don’t care what color his skin is.  We’ll be a better football team with another just like them.  Adam Thielen is an all pro, Laquon Treadwell got cut earlier this year from the same team, and it has nothing to do with skin color.  And that would be the truth for you to handle geaux-dummy. Don’t have time to listen to your racists comments .....Go Sioux, Go UND, Go Bubba

    I would like to say again - our WRs as a group was a strength for us this year.   We were lucky to have Wanzek, Toivonen and Maag and they were/are tremendous players.  

    We had our season tickets next to some of the Wanzek family over the past 4 years and they are exactly the kind of people we want associated with our program.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncle, siblings (I believe) and cousins were at all of the home games and many of the away games.  We are lucky to have them connected to the program also. 

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  17. 5 hours ago, siouxfan512 said:


    So what are the thought on this kid? Obviously SUU wasn't very good, but how much of that is on the QB?

    I didn't think he was very good against us. Missed a lot of throws.  Here is his stat line against UND.

    SUU - Passing
    Player Cmp Att. Yds. TD INT Long Sack
    HELBIG, Chris 24 42 258 1 1 28 4
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