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  1. Loved seeing the two teams shake hands and hug it out at the end. The awards at the end was pathetic. Happy to see them play but shame on NDHSAA for not even trying to do the awards in a normal way.
  2. My understanding is the Athletic Directors need to come together and push for the two tier system if it's going to happen. The coaches are largely in favor of it already, except the large class A schools that would be on the bubble. The low end and high end virtually all agree it needs to happen. My conversations with Matt Fetch usually end with it's too hard to change the bylaws and there isn't enough teams, witch is complete bull$%!#. They are perfectly fine with changing the football levels every other year. They are also ok with having a six man league with 3 or 4 teams in the state. It needs to come from the AD's...... call them and voice your opinions.
  3. MayPort went 3-0 against Bottineau and Williston this year. They would fit in very well in the west.
  4. I wasn't able to watch any of the games. (Thanks Forum) Do they have running time at state in the third when up by 6? If so, all four games had running time yesterday? uff...
  5. What are everyones thoughts on this a year later? Same problems, different year? Do you think the state will ever consider it, or is it a wasted conversation?
  6. Even if we don't switch to a two tier system, would you agree the scheduling format should be addressed? I think it makes more sense for ND to have an independent schedule than it does MN. The problem gets to be the 21 game allotment only leaves 3 games for non EDC teams. Throw in a holiday tournament and the schedule is done. Teams are forced to play lopsided games. Why not have an independant schedule and let teams find the best competition for their team. This is also a struggle that MayPort is having. They can't get games against ND teams. Schedules are full right off the bat. Maybe Wahpeton would consider coming back in this scenario also. Maybe Langon would consider, who knows.
  7. Share this all you want! Let's get the ball rolling! http://chng.it/57q9HLrwgN
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