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  1. In Geaux's defense. The point everyone is missing is that you're all assuming Maag's HS 40 time is accurate. Most all HS height/weight/40 times are tilted in the athlete's favor. I'd be willing to bet his HS 40 time was more in the 4.8 range.
  2. I think he's trying to say that he doubts Maag would have that 4.6 had he been timed officially at the NFL combine like Sheppard did.
  3. Actually opened yesterday as a pickem.
  4. Agree as well, but I think it would help greatly if we started getting a few more recruits who have more than just DII offers. I know there's players who get missed from time to time but come on.
  5. Actually a fan of both schools being I'm an ND native. Just that I'm realistic.
  6. You're correct again....Wyo was very high end!
  7. You are correct, didn't word that quite right. Just meant that more often than not UNI seems to play the FBS schools pretty tough, and they're usually Big Ten or Big 12 schools.
  8. You're right, forgot about the WYO game. Was just thinking of the last couple vs the Pac 12.
  9. Let's be honest, they're usually pretty good. What's the closest we've been to an FBS school after 3 qtrs.....bout 3 TDs?
  10. NDRA

    2019 Season

    Means you'll have nice tusks!
  11. NDRA

    2019 Season

    Try 19 or 20....it's about 14 from Beach and that's interstate all the way.
  12. You are the winner! Select your prize.
  13. NDRA

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Not concerned, just didn't see it on his twitter account as was stated. For !@#$ sakes can't people look at things with a subjective opinion? I've followed UND football for many yrs and don't see why things that are factual can't be posted without being blasted.
  14. NDRA

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Did the team to the south offer him a PWO? I looked on his account, didn't see an offer but maybe I missed it.
  15. NDRA

    2020 FB Recruiting

    As well as Wisniewski.
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