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  1. It'll never happen, you can't force a kid to stay in school, you can't force him from not accepting employment once he has left school, the only possible way would be for the NHL to take a pick away from a franchise or fine them heavily.
  2. An inside source told me Eddie Belfour choked out a bell boy in Helsinki and got sent back state-side. Look for him to be the practice squad goalie for the guys in green.
  3. What are we looking at for time?
  4. Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back, making fun of poor old Poncho?
  5. You know back in 86 I was at my buddy Rudy Gordon's wedding as a groomsman, nice grey tuxedo's with some teal ties, we were smoking ask the ladies haha. But to the main point Virg Foss was a friend of the bride to be's, and we had some small talk at the dance. Our conversation may not have lasted longer than 2 minutes but he poured out passion, and I think he definitely showed that through writing for the Herald all those years. I'll be sad the first time I see a state hockey championship write-up without Virg Foss' name under it. I don't even wanna talk about how I'll handle a Fighting Sioux Recap. Anyways Virg if your out there God's Speed from the Ponch.
  6. Get off his back, ur what the french call le backstabbers haha. Although it sounds far-fetched Fabian did play well in the later part of the season, if he carries it over he may be a major contributor to the guys in green. I'll let y'all know my pick in a little poem I put together. A Hobey Baker winner will emerge from the Maroon and Gold His name is Potulny who backstabbed us at 18 years old He'll make lots of money and be sponsered by Sobe, All after he wins the 2005-06 Hobey! Cheesy but so is mac and cheese and we all love that!
  7. I hate to be the pee on the toilet seat fellows but I'm gonna take a shot at good old Hak right here. I was backpacking in Europe over the summer and caught some European summer leagues. I was mostly impressed with Germany. We need to realize this is an international game gents and that its dramatically affected the pro game and college is right on the other side of the saddle. We need to be leaders and not followers in this European movement. I mean gol darnit we already have a start with Spirko. We need to tap this German pipeline of talent before the morons in maroon get to it.
  8. I guess I'll be the goat and answer the question originally asked. I truly don't know but I sure hope soon. After backpacking across Europe with my June for 2 months you'd want to know to!
  9. Poncho & Lefty


    Jeez boys about time in my mind, this is a joke of a league in the view of the Ponch. They only had 6 teams, the bad Beavers being the only team worth paying attention to, other than that this league is the equivalent of college footballs Sun Belt Conference, haha am I right fellas? This league even has a team from Alabama in it, what in sam hell do they know about hockey in 'Bama. A team called the Fairbanks Nanooks could beat those pansies. Here I'll state it, RIP CHA. The tombstone would read, "We barely knew ya, mainly because your league is to hockey what gophers are to mustard crops."
  10. All I've heard is negativity for this trade, as a long time Viking fan I like this deal, and ima tell you why. Opens up a bookoo of cap room for the purple posse to use on players like Samari Rolle or even Plaxico Burress if they wanna go that route. We'll also finally get a kicker that can kick further then a wheelchair basketball MVP. With the 7th pick we'll be able to pick up a strong receiver (Edwards from the maize and blue or former USC standout Mike Williams if available), or a big ole lineman on either side of the ball. I'm not saying we'll get a dynasty out of this deal I mean we traded arguably the most talented player in football but after the fog clears it may still be raining in Minneapolis or it could be a sun shiny day. Hopefully the latter.
  11. Tell me about it, I know the man like a brother, in fact he was the best man in my first wedding to that scuzzy broad from Great Falls. But when it comes to officiating he makes worse calls then a certain republican in D.C. haha am i right fellas. I was coaching a team in Little Falls in the late 80's and he my player gets thrown out for intent to injure after pushing the net at the opposing teams player. Then we had to dress my 2nd line center at dropped that one to either Bagley or Lengby 17-2. He obviously needs to be critiqued by a higher official before they allow him to ref such a prestigous event.
  12. I'd play if I could make it, i'm not as quick or functional as I used to be but I make up for it in experience, and if any of those morons in maroon come after me I'll coldcock them. I don't wanna sound like I'm tooting my own horn here but in 1964 I was the MVP of the Ontario Heights Men's League, notching some where between 25-29 points as a stingy blue liner. Since then I've lost my hair, and some obvious speed, but I still got the heart of a puma. If only I wasn't stuck in Ann Arbor I'd be out there faster than a bad round of potato salad. Gouge the gophers Sioux fans and even if you lose bring up the sweep from Tech and keep those neandrathals quiet.
  13. What are the chances of something like this occurring. Never during this year did i think those 3 strong schools would lose on the same night. The last time that probably happened was when i had hair haha am i right fellas? Maybe we hyped these guys up too much but if these minnows keep eating our bass we could have an interesting lake come Final Five time.
  14. Just curious is Ness still coaching at Central?
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