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  1. CFB and contact to the head also happen so it is still "Time to sack up" If anyone condones this crap you have 0 hockey credibility IMO. Both Lucic and Perry need to sit a game or 2.
  2. 26 skaters. Thank you for everyone that played
  3. Ok now skate is full See you all tomorrow
  4. Show up if you want. Just a reminder Brooklyn Park Noon Sunday
  5. Sure why not. I dont care if we have 24. 90 mins of ice there will be some tired people
  6. boots and whistle. You would be better than the Sheppard Bros
  7. If Goon Wants to ref feel free
  8. We have a Rink Change. It is no Noon At Brooklyn Park Arena 2 http://www.rinkfinder.com/page/show/134550-brooklyn-park-activity-center
  9. So we have a time change for sure with a possible rink change. Time is now Noon. I will know about the Rink Monday morning
  10. So, the time might be changed to noon. 1 Mgr already booked ice and did not let anyone know. We are skating. Time is either 11am or 12:15. I will know by the end of the week. If I can book another Rink for the same price I am going to do that.
  11. http://www.rinkfinder.com/page/show/135413-victory-memorial-ice-arena 11am
  12. Arena will be either Breck, Victor Memorial or Northeast Arena around 11am Waiting to hear
  13. ok, calling the rink in the morning
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