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  1. ethanm


    I knew once NDSU beat Iowa we're always going to hear about where the Hawkeyes were ranked at that time. I've never understood when you're looking back at a game why it matters what a team was ranked when the game was played. This is magnified when it's an early season game where preseason rankings can be way off from reality. If Iowa finishes the season unranked, the fact they were ranked at the time of the game shouldn't matter in hindsight.
  2. ethanm

    2017-2018 Recruiting

    I read in the Bismarck Tribune that DeSean Eikens is transferring to Wasatch Academy, a private school in Utah, next year. Youth is served on Class A all-state team
  3. ethanm

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2014-15 season

    I broke my fibula and ankle crashing into the boards. The doctor told me it would be 8-10 weeks to recover. The 6-8 week timeframe for Stecher makes me think his injury may not be as bad as mine. My ankle has never been the same since, but it's not something I notice skating. I was at the game where LaPoint was injured. Didn't really see it as I was on the other end, and I've found I can't get myself to watch replays of injures ever since my own.
  4. ethanm


    As a North Carolina fan, I've learned to never believe/expect someone to come back. Sean May said he was coming back until he saw everyone else leaving (Williams, McCants, Felton). The same thing could happen for the Sioux. Unfortunately, there isn't a deadline for a player to decide in hockey like there is in basketball and football. With all the Carolina & Sioux defections in the last 10+ years, I've quit thinking about what the team could have been had so & so come back. The way I look at is how many students would come back for another year if they got offered a (very) high paying job before earning a degree?
  5. ethanm

    No Punts- Still Lose..?

    The Colts beat the Chiefs in a playoff game a couple of years ago where neither team punted. That was the first NFL playoff game with no punts.
  6. ethanm

    UND vs Augie - Game Thread

    I hate to admit it, but I didn't think the Sioux would stop Augie when they had the ball on the half-yard line in OT. I didn't really understand that call. Why not have the QB under center and try a sneak or at least give it to the FB? That play was a perfect example of why coaches don't like to hand off to a RB 5 yds deep and risk losing yards. I wasn't completely surprised the Sioux blocked some kicks because of Augie's formation. They had a guy at a 90 degree angle behind the last guy on each end of the line. I didn't watch for it on every kick, but on the one's I did, it didn't seem like those guys blocked anyone. It's like Augie was only blocking with 7 guys. I should mention that their formation might not have mattered on the blocked kick in OT as the pressure came up the middle. Yeah, Belmore didn't have the greatest game. It looked like the pick he threw for a TD was thrown too much to the inside and was kind of lobbed out there. Plus, his passes at the end of the 4th were being overthrown which is what lend to the pick. I didn't read the whole thread to see if someone mentioned that the pass defense hasn't looked too good the last two weeks. I don't think there was anyone with 5 yds of Pomerleau when he caught that 2 pt conversion. What bothered me was twice UND DB's took a penalty because they knew they were beat, and both times they let the game catch the ball. If you're going to obviously interfere because you're beat 25-30 yds downfield, make sure the guy doesn't catch it. Why let go of the guy and give him a chance to catch it when you know the flag is coming?
  7. ethanm

    Womens BB

    I saw Gillett play in a couple of AAU tournments a group I'm part put on this year. I thought she was the best player on her team which is made up of mostly class B players from eastern ND. She was playing down low the whole time which it sounds like she won't be doing at UND. The player I've seen now for two years who I think is going to be a good player is Amber Wollschlager from Millbank, SD. Her team beat Gillet's in a tournament we ran earlier this summer with both players leading their respective team in scoring. Wollschlager reminds me of Boese given her play inside plus she can step out and hit the 3. As a sophomore, she lead her team to a 3rd place finish last year while nearly averaging a double-double and was a 2nd team all state selection. Unfortunately, I don't know if there'd be much of a chance to get her away from either of the SD schools.
  8. I've got several examples between family and friends of NDSU fans who root for the Sioux hockey team. My brother and I had countless UND-NDSU arguments (fights) growing up. He'd rip UND any chance he could get. Well, it's funny how the times have changed. He now lives in Sioux Falls and has been to several hockey games recently. Interestingly, I believe he's made the longer drive to see UND hockey more than he's come up to see the football team. I've also got a friend who owns several pieces of UND apparel. He's too ashamed to wear it in Fargo, but when I think about it, I never see this Bison fan wearing any NDSU stuff around town. On another topic, why does everyone refer to NDSU's colors as green and gold when those aren't the official colors? The official colors taken directly from gobison.com are "Yellow (PMS 123) and Green (PMS 343)". NDSU even refers to their spring football game as the green and gold game. And if any Bison fan thinks it's green and gold because of all the football titles they've won, wouldn't the colors actually be green and dusty?
  9. ethanm

    Brooks Bollinger on MNF

    Nothing against Brooks, but you know it's going bad for the Jets when ABC is promoing next Monday nights game by saying it's the Patriots versus Brooks Bollinger and the Jets. How many people even know who he is? The problem, for Jets fans, is it didn't matter who ABC picked as the average fan wouldn't have heard of them either.
  10. How can they not have either of the Kausaite twins from Emporia State? I know they didn't play four years, but they put up some huge numbers in the two years they played. Aneta was the first D2 player to make it to the WNBA.
  11. ethanm

    Virg Foss

    I was wondering the same thing when I saw Paukovich on the ice at the end of the game. With about 30 seconds left, it looked like the one linesman wasn't going to allow Paukovich to stay on the ice as he seemed to be taking him back to the bench.
  12. ethanm

    The early departures begin

    This reminds me of the medical hardship the NCAA granted Oklahoma DT Dusty Dvoracek who went through anger-management and alcohol-related counseling. The statement below was taken from an article about Dvoracek being granted a medical hardship.
  13. ethanm

    former players

    There is an article about Bochenski in the latest ESPN Magazine. It mentions that Ottawa's PA announcer called him Bryan when he was announced as the first star in a preseason game. It goes on to mention his scoring 62 goals his last two years at UND and he and Spezza leading the AHL in scoring for rookies and overall respectively. If you have an ESPN Insider account, you can read it here: http://insider.espn.go.com/insider/magazine/index
  14. ethanm

    Men's BB

    I talked to one of Koenig's family members last weekend, and after getting both knees scoped, he is feeling better than he has in quite a while. I guess WI-GB's practice floor has a concrete base that is hard on the knees. I was also told that he is much happier at UND than at GB and is considering playing football (i.e. Mustard) after he's done with basketball.
  15. ethanm

    Opinions on the SCSU game

    I'd like to know if St. Cloud has been using that punt formation the entire season. It seems to be a high risk, high reward formation. UND would get close to blocking almost every punt, but it seemed like the formation got defenders down the field fast enough to prevent Dressler from getting any kind of return. I thought St. Cloud could easily have scored more if the passing game was more productive. I thought, at times, St. Cloud ran the ball in passing situations because of the passing struggles. I can see doing with a RB like Birkel, but it seemed like they were running quite a bit in these situations. Based on this game, the biggest differences between the teams might be that UND's offense doesn't rely on one player like SCSU's seemed to with Birkel. While Dressler didn't have a big game, UND didn't need to force the ball to him because of Grossman's game.