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  1. That is away from the bison
  2. Nice to get a few away the bison
  3. HUGE get for UND. NDSU wanted him too big time. We are definitely making strides on recruiting.
  4. Are any of these good recruits going to be on team this year?
  5. NDSU had at least 4,000 empty seats last weekend. Winning games isn’t the only thing.
  6. Und246

    UND @ ISU

    I still if Vaughn would throw ball once in a while he could be really effective
  7. It would be beyond a long shot to get him. Very remote at best.
  8. Feel so bad for those Fargo fans. They can’t handle recruits choosing UND over NDSU. They just think there has to be some crazy reason that would happen. Previous poster is right. NDSU would not have offered if they thought the recruit was gonna pick UND. As they say, worm is starting to turn. Love it.
  9. So Altpeter and Teiken both make commitments to NDSU and UND. Which is the bigger get? Who had more offers?
  10. The fact that we are a top 6 team in the country has got to help our chances to land some of these good players who are available. I think the coach’s appear to be trying to take advantage of that while the iron is hot.
  11. Anybody know why Paulson entered portal?
  12. Looking at who is playing in title game. The last 2 times we played Sam Houston we won. This year we beat SDSU by double digits. We are close!!!!!
  13. After JMU’s coach’s low class playing calling against us at the end of our game with JMU. I sort of enjoyed the epic ugly loss they experienced today.
  14. With all the transfer rules, virus rules what year would all our players be next year? For example does Sueker have 1 or 2 years left. Are any of new players just 1 year players?
  15. So we are done recruiting?
  16. 5’7” guard originally from Andover Minnesota
  17. In this particular situation he didn’t need to keep foot on gas. No exclamation will justify it. Tacky.
  18. Did someone think we might have gotten a commitment over the weekend or just that they we were hoping we did?
  19. I have to compliment our defense because they played to final whistle and we stuffed them. We could of easily sort of cashed it in on that play.
  20. Appreciate your comments. Just curious. What did you think of your coach not taking a knee at the end? Most coachs might not of done that. For me it sort of disappointed me.
  21. Yes NDSU got beat by a better team which just happened to be at home. I would say in general in playoffs, home teams seem to play better. NDSU should turn down home playoff games in the future if their better on road.
  22. After never having to play a playoff game on the road in 10 years, ndsu found how difficult it is to win on the road.
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