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  1. After looking at these helmets, I would kind of like to see a white throwback helmet for a game. Thoughts?
  2. I agree. I really like this site for keeping up with UND Football. With that being said, we have people on here that take pot shots at players, and coaches, and now we are blasting a coach because he walks like he's 90 years old. The guy had hip replacement surgery. I'm sure we would all be up running a marathon in a few weeks, right. None of us are perfect... Should we strive to be, I would hope so. But reality is, we can't. Do we have an uphill battle with the boys south of us, yes. But I think we are closing the gap. Bubba has assembled a good core of coaches. Also, keep in mind
  3. How do we know that Dosch was interested? Maybe a call was made and interest wasn't expressed. Just speculating like everyone else.
  4. YES! Exactly what I was referencing! Figured I was too old for many to remember that!!!
  5. So Danny doing well this year is what? According to your logic, Danny shouldn't have been considered because he worked under Rudy, and god know how many on here called for Rudy's firing because he was doing so well..... Can't we have a positive attitude that Coach H will bring some refreshing and new ideas to our 3-4 scheme, and maybe do as well or better than the last DC? Give the guy a chance, then pass judgement. Maybe he's a diamond in the rough, just like Danny was. Everyone needs to stop with all the "negative waves"!
  6. So, if you work hard at your job, and a management position in your office opens up, you shouldn't be hired if you're qualified and can fill the position, just because you already work in that office? All jobs should be hired externally? What motivation does that give anyone working toward wanting to move up the ladder? C'mon people... I listen and think that for some of you, nothing is good enough.... Fire Bubba. Freund won't be able to do it. Fire the strength coach. Fire the special teams coach. I will say that there is always room for improvement, but I don't think that anybody in
  7. I believe it would have been around the 1990 or 1991 seasons. Some us where there to take up blocks for LB's to make the tackles....
  8. Does he sell a caffeine powder with his book and testimonial?
  9. Keep in mind that MVC will include teams that are a closer distance than the Big Sky opponents. This may make it easier for fans traveling to UND home games from these rival schools to attend the game. This equals more revenue for the Alerus. I agree 100% to move the students away from the 50 yard line. Looking at the student section last week was horrible. There were maybe 200 students there. They could have fit all the students in the first two rows. I purchase tickets to attend on an individual basis or buy from friends that aren't going to the game. If I could purchase season tic
  10. Maybe we need something like this? Fans and Alerus Crew would need to be on board. And Metallica!
  11. I posted in the SH feed. Yes they loaded the box to stop the run. As you said, strategy was to make the freshman beat them. SH had at least one more player in the box for a good part of the game. Hard to run when out numbered.
  12. Nodak61

    SH Game Day

    As a former Offensive Lineman, it is hard to watch us not be able to run the football. To me, it's an attitude thing and you want to wear teams down with a road grader mentality. But, as I watched more, and started counting the guys in the box, SH consistently had more guys in the box than we could block. Take the picture below, yes, I know it's a red zone scenario, but they have 7 in the box. Blocking with only 5 lineman is not a recipe for success. I'm thinking that SH wasn't going to let our running game beat them, they wanted a freshman qb to beat them... and he did! Good win for th
  13. Nodak61

    2019 Season

    I get that everyone has their opinion to how the season is going to shake out, what I don't get is all the "negative nellies" that come on and say how bad it's going to be. Let's see how it plays out. Reminds me of the movie Major League where no one is interested, then when things are going well, let's all jump on the wagon and clap for joy and tell everyone how we "always" believed. How about we get solidly behind this team and raise our expectations and support. I know that things have been rocky in the past, but let's all hope for change this year and that Bubba and the team can show
  14. I understand how the NCAA drug testing works. Been a part of it. I was wondering about NDSU's internal testing. Also, just because it's a random 18, doesn't mean that any starters will get pulled. Seen that first hand. We had 1 started tested in the tests I was a part of.
  15. That all depends on who is taking the test in the lockerroom. Let's get 20 young freshman to test on a weekly basis. Make sure not to test anyone on the two deep roster.... Not saying this happened, but I can bet it has happened in many football programs throughout the nation.
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