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  1. He played in that position late in several of the spring games
  2. Did anyone notice: All of the Red Shirt upperclassman were reclassified to a straight class. I.E: Maag and Waletzko are true seniors (played as a freshman) Kauppinen, Jalen Johnson, Siegel, Odom (all same Class) were Rs Sophomores last year - are now listed as Juniors instead of Rs Juniors. Same with the class below. This would then account for their Covid year that didn't count and will have the option to be 5th year seniors (when in reality it will be their 6th year in the program)
  3. Not sure how many of you watched the JMU / VMI game. VMI stacked the box. JMU took deep shots on 1st play, 4th play, 1st play of second series then 3 more before the 8 minute mark of 2nd quarter. 2 complete, 1 dropped, 1 prob should have caught, 2 over throws. Threw it wether the coverage was there or not and splt between the outside recievers and slot recievers. Hit 2 or 3 more throughout the game. Mostly from unpressured pocket, but Johnson drops them over the receivers head quite nicely.
  4. The ringing chorus for the past few years has been: " We have to win a playoff game" They did 44 to 10 .....and it wasn't that close, instead of 30 posts about how great that is.. there are 23 out 30 picking it apart. They may very well lose to JMU but they beat the living crap out of Missouri St. Rolling right and throwing it into the ground on 3rd down up 21 points is ok. NO chance for Tommy to get hurt, NO chance of a turnover that could change momentum and repeat the 2016 game.
  5. I came across this link on several player's social media pages from Small School Prospect Scouting. I apologize, there was no easy way to do this. There is obviously a glaring omission of Weah on the Walter Payton award when we know others have him there. Something interesting: All the categories had players spread out from across the country except Defensive Back - Their winner was from Austin Peay, but all 4 runner ups were MVFC guys. Scrutinize, ponder, complain and comment at will Thought it was worth sharing.
  6. The school has to enter his name in the portal within 48 hours of the written request.
  7. Welcome the NEW "No Penalty" Transfer Portal Era: Nothing but commitment to the program keeping guys from leaving. Anyone who doesn't have it will be tough to keep. Any starters, Maag, Weah, Waletzko, Siegel, Larson etc ... can choose to leave in the next several years. Apparently to transfer to FBS a player has to be transferred by the first week of May to the new school.
  8. The FCS site says a team must play 4 games - doesn't say win, if that helps
  9. SDSU: 170 yards passing 1st quarter - 202 for half. (75 on the one over Fort) 107 yards in second half - 46 on 2nd play of 3rd quarter. Coverage tightened but Pass rush also improved as game wore on....two totally different units but they work in tandem when defending shot plays.
  10. According to the NCAA if a player becomes a super senior (6th year) the school can choose to fund or not fund their scholarship. However, if funded, their scholarship does NOT count toward the teams total available. Essentially UND can decide if they want to fund / have the abiity to fund / and who they want t fund each year for the next few years.
  11. I think Holm will stay (again) since this wasn't a full year and would not be surprised if a few other as well. The trickle down with the uncounted year is to the the young talent waiting their turn. If there is a logjam of good recruits with talent in a certain position group, the transfer portal is an easy option to find a team that is thin at the position to transfer to. IE: Maag has an extra year, Boltman has an extra year, Waletzko has an extra year, Siegel has an extra year, Larson has an extra year, Fort has an extra year. Beyond the seniors you just mentioned some of those underclassman could stay longer. Attritiion at some positions could be a year or so longer than originally expected. I think the transfer portal over the next 2 to 3 years will be a busy place.
  12. Though some might be interested based on the discussion. Also, C.J. has done a couple mask and safety PSAs and was on one of their recruiting fliers, not that it matters.
  13. I agree - except they weren't all virtually symptom free. UND had several get really sick for a period of time. A couple that left campus and recovered at home
  14. The players asked for a black option for uniforms when the new Adidas contract kicked in. Though they could be a little sharper , I think its good the University listened and got the black right away. They will still use the greens and update them next year.
  15. Maag is the clear #1 Cochran has the potential to be in the conversation - but now has to go out and consistently block, create separation, and catch the ball, especially in traffic. All of that is a complete unknown. This isn't H.S. / Cochran has to earn it. He is similar to Cam and Cam was great in space, but his hands were never as good as his legs.
  16. Players are reporting for physicals and voluntary workouts between the 15th and 28th. UNI also begins the 15th but will have players trickling in through the end of the month as they finish up work committments etc... .
  17. and that's ok. it is how it works
  18. More and more athletes are committing to "playing" for a program and university. Less are committing "to" the program and university. When they are not playing enough, they look to committ to "playing" for someone else. Guys who want to be at UND, be it legacy, top choice school or truly committed will be content to fit in whereever they can to make the team better. Guys who don't care whose uniform they wear, will leave.
  19. For anyone who subscribes to ESPN + ..... This is a good watch. Nick Saban breaks down Burrow vs Clemson, but think about the defenders as you watch. Offense knows the play, QB knows pre-snap read and coverage or hot route. Defense is reacting to what everyone else already knows.. https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/0c8ac8dd-d640-48ee-8ec7-f25a6c9d648c
  20. Exactly - Give them another reason to choose UND over joe blow
  21. I don't think 5 years ago they had many D1 kids, I think the last couple classes have more than in the past - Don't under estimate the HPC in that. At the fan luncheon Schmidt in a conversation mentioned that the recent classes and incoming have kids who would not be here without it.
  22. Odom can switch back if needed. If you are ok at corner keeping the shirt makes sense especially if he is still learning the defense. Siegel commented last week that about two weeks into spring ball he could stop thinking and start playing. 3 1/2 years vs 4 good ones Geaux thoughts?
  23. Yes, he does not wear it when lined up at QB. Danny is calling the plays from the booth and is the one making the decision. Also, Nate checked out of two first down calls and went run on an RPO from twenty one. Danny can't control that, and he also can't take the ability to check away from Nate - a fine line to dance
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