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  1. Norhsidepride

    2019 Season

    I think there is chance Siegel will get touches on offense. Originally recruited by Danny. Listed as a Slot/Scat back. Moved to Defensive recruit after a camp.
  2. Norhsidepride

    2019 Season

    What about any Defensive guys moving to the Offensive side with the new system?? Anyone heard? lots of former RBs WRs and TEs on that side
  3. He looks similar to Case to me - both had accolades - Case had more FB background (that I know of) with his father. A 6'1 QB is not uncommon in FCS - Less common in FBS unless a huge stud. Also, I am from WI - I saw Graetz play in person as a Junior - I was not thrilled that he was the choice after Case - I don't think he will see the field at NDSU - I think they got desperate and wanted to take him from UND
  4. Exactly - If a kid decides he wants the next opportunity whether it be bigger, warmer, different style, - Begging him to stay may not be enough. Go back a year when Bubba said at the same presser: "Maag and Siegel made long term commitments and stuck with it" " Those are the guys we want" Teams trying to flip both of them but they stuck with UND - another didn't and left for San Diego State. That is recruiting.
  5. There are schools trying to flip these kids on a regular basis. It is a lot harder than you think for the long term school to keep up If the recruit doesn't share it...... especially late in the game. Danny didn't call Ashland and say: Hey I am going to try and flip your guy. Some guys like the attention and the new promises they are getting - some shun it - but it isn't always the committed universities fault.
  6. Nit picking is fine! I knew it was Texas State - brain farted and typed Tech - Well deserved criticism My agreement with you that he may never start is not for the same reason..... he would not be ready for at least another year - I think Freund is going to run a similar offense to what his former teammate Jake Landry has run and it will make UND a more attractive spot for a top JUCO or BCS transfer QB who is better to take over. I have gone back and watched the archived games with Zimmerman at QB - not the answer. At the time he was voted Captain he was listed at number one on the depth chart - Not unusual for the projected starting QB to get that vote. Reading into it as that is who the players are behind is stretching.
  7. How can anyone here have truly expected the staff to get a QB signed on Wednesday after losing a highly recruited one 7 days earlier? They don't grow on trees especially a true FCS or BCS guy. Probably looking JUCO and poaching a kid from a D2 school that was a borderline guy originally. Its going to take some time, I don't think there were guys lined up at the door to take take that spot when it opened up. And don't think that UND hasn't left the door open that if in a year or two it looks like he will never play at Texas Tech that he could transfer back to them. Even the articles in Nebraska acknowledged that if it doesn't work out he will always have options.
  8. You are completely wrong on Grover - maybe he doesn't ever start in the next four years, but coaches and players saw some intangibles that were a big surprise when he got to camp. Zimmerman doesn't have the IT factor and never will. Not a starter
  9. Two cents that someone will yell at me about: Can't fault kids that that backs out for an FBS offer. It is what it is and they know they can always transfer if it doesn't work out. Yes recruits will find this board - they are better at researching online and social media than most of us. Hopefully they have an adult at home or in school that makes sure they understand many passionate fans need to vent and what is said here isn't gospel.
  10. Most of the 2018 recruiting class red shirted. Waletzko and Maag were developed men. It is a deep group and the number of guys contributing by their sophomore year will pleasantly surprise you.
  11. I don't think assistants are ever a true external process. from D3 to the NFL it is often times people who have connections to the school or staff.
  12. If you want to see Freund's Offense, look at what Jake Landry did at UWL - From a run first offense with 3 wins a year for 4 YEARS to Assistant coach of the year his second season as O.C. and his second season ever as an O.C. Spread O - Power run out of it. Bubble Screen, Slants, Crossing
  13. In the words of Chris Carter to so many dumb comments: Come on man
  14. Absolute Bull**** No one told him to do it, He knew it had to be done just like everyone else. The ridiculousness of the comments on here are getting out of hand. Apply for the job next time it opens and see how you do.
  15. you don't think he was trying to win? Careful what you ask for, More coaches lose than win. You could go from 6 or 7 wins a year to 2 in the blink of an eye. Coaching changes don't always equal more wins.
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