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  1. Exactly - Give them another reason to choose UND over joe blow
  2. I don't think 5 years ago they had many D1 kids, I think the last couple classes have more than in the past - Don't under estimate the HPC in that. At the fan luncheon Schmidt in a conversation mentioned that the recent classes and incoming have kids who would not be here without it.
  3. Odom can switch back if needed. If you are ok at corner keeping the shirt makes sense especially if he is still learning the defense. Siegel commented last week that about two weeks into spring ball he could stop thinking and start playing. 3 1/2 years vs 4 good ones Geaux thoughts?
  4. Yes, he does not wear it when lined up at QB. Danny is calling the plays from the booth and is the one making the decision. Also, Nate checked out of two first down calls and went run on an RPO from twenty one. Danny can't control that, and he also can't take the ability to check away from Nate - a fine line to dance
  5. Recruiting to Fargo is easy: Win a championship Recruiting to Grand forks.... or places like Brookings or Pocatello is not. Sell a small town, sell a school, sell facilities, sell winning, sell cold... and meet the Universities higher than NCAA entrance standards. Not easy - Thank goodness for the HPC because several of the top recruits in the last two classes have stated they would not be at UND without it. Positive support of the program can help too.
  6. Moderators: This comment is correct. The amount of clueless posts with a a lack of true insight is incredible. I can't imagine that the original creation of this sight was to spew hatred of the coaches and players they way some people (who are not censored) do.
  7. They said both were out, but only one was DNP
  8. You know nothing....period
  9. Sorry....If you can't be happy with a win and the to losses two the last two teams to play for a national championship you have deeper issues than a coaching staff can fix.
  10. Norhsidepride

    2019 Season

    He just gave SHS something to think about in pre-game. He wasn't going to play
  11. Doesnt change how strong the kids leg is. Also he did hit a couple mid 40s against Drake...I think that was even mentioned as a positive in that thread
  12. Probably not easy to see on TV, but did anyone else at the game notice that the corners rarely had help over the top? Leaving both safeties to help in the middle?
  13. Because Tommy ran the same style offense in HS was a POY. And. Is better. Why is everyone hung up on Grover
  14. Was at Saturday and Sundays practice. Doubt pull his shirt unless they have to. Jennings and Odom look very good as well. Fort is going to be a steal but not as polished as some on here would make you think. Will be way better in year 5 than year 1. Ket hands down threw the best ball but are ok behind him. As many have said receiver is deep. I do not know much about O line but they did not look small. McKinney and Siegel will get a shot at returning punts both have quick twitch on first step. If the shirt is pulled on Fort he will have enough other things to think about as a true.
  15. Norhsidepride

    2019 Season

    I think there is chance Siegel will get touches on offense. Originally recruited by Danny. Listed as a Slot/Scat back. Moved to Defensive recruit after a camp.
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