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  1. I have gear with both the old and new logos, I say go Hawks all the time, but the logo, in design, does not show well, it's too wide, and much too simple. while it looks great on letter head and in more formal settings, when it comes to sports and passion it falls short in inspiration
  2. Last design I have as I think I am all out of ideas....black business suits
  3. thanks! I am doing my best...glad someone noticed (checking to see if there is a sarcasm font setting on my keyboard)
  4. agree, the more I use the logo...the more I realize how hard it is to incorporate into a pleasing design on the front
  5. I think you are right on this, also I have had a lot of free time at work, that why I have been able to make a bunch of these mock ups, and ignore the player name please, it was the best example I could find....sorry
  6. Added some shoulder color to this one
  7. new attempt, road jersey
  8. I've posted this before, made the mock ups a while back. I think the logo would also work if you drop the ND letters off the front, move the letters to the shoulders, and just keep the Hawk Head on the front (change the head to the color green on the white jersey) I am working on update these to the new Adidas jersey, using Dallas as a template, will post when finished
  9. that was me...he promptly blocked me from viewing his profile. never thought I'd see a softer move from a UND hockey player, but this team still finds ways to surprise me, so kudos to them I guess
  10. also worked on some grey (gray?) and black concepts with inspiration from some of the new football uniforms. I'm definitely no graphic designer, so they aren't very good quality, just something to jump off from for someone more talented
  11. super quick renderings I had made up when the logo first debuted, I think adding something to the shoulder would complete the look, North on 1, Dakota on the other
  12. sethhag


    not too sure on that, currently washing arms and hands every hour on the hour just to be sure tho
  13. sethhag


    just threw a hawks sticker on my old UND college lacrosse helmet to see what the logo looks like on a black helmet. i think it really pops IMO, i think the hockey/football teams are missing out by not putting this on a black helmet.
  14. sethhag


    did this real quick jersey mock up one day bored at work, I'm not very artistic, or good with Photoshop or Paint. I do think keeping the words of the front looks better/cleaner. I was thinking maybe the words could be moved to the shoulder or sleeve area if made small enough. also this is my first post to this community after spending years just dropping by and reading. I am a 2009 UND grad, and have had family season hockey tickets since 2002
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