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  1. The former Brookings Blizzard of the NAHL are now the St. Cloud Norsemen...what do we think of this logo, as i remember that Norsemen was one of the name options that was higher up on the board.
  2. this was gold, and needs to be recognized as such
  3. according the article I read on the Athletic website it says this about sightlines and seating.... "Normally when NHL outdoor games take place at baseball stadiums, the rink sits from third base to first base horizontally covering second base starting above the pitcher’s mound. But this will be the 11th outdoor game played at a baseball stadium. The NHL is considering changing the rink configuration up next year and that could lead to auxiliary seating in the outfield. Target Field also has the ability to do a lot of standing-room only spots, so it’s up in the air how much they’ll be able to sell. hopefully this will add more seats with more of a traditional hockey view...who knows
  4. sethhag


    a steel Grey (gray?) set would be cool to see, football uniforms with that color are pretty cool and pop with the Kelly green
  5. have always been a fan of simply removing the "ND" from the logo, even used the hawk head only on some of the jersey designs I threw out in the jersey thread. this is a very good design, makes it look neat and concise.
  6. I think its not close either, however the one factor we are not taking into account is the intelligence, or lack thereof, of most fans of teams from Philadelphia
  7. as long as the 300 level fans can see both goals and the benches I think its fine, not being able to see other sections across the rink is probably not the ralphs biggest concern
  8. that's easy, less Ad runs, more music, less of that weird guy on the mic giving away something, more of him leading crowd chants.....the king has spoken
  9. kiss cam is probably too problematic in todays day and age haha. as far as my criticism of the simba cam, I has more to do with taking peoples attention away from the game on the ice, then the cam itself, I think its a fun thing.
  10. I've found loud music to be a common complaint I get. fist off it depends on the acoustics of the rink, and the quality of the sound system. so most standard rinks blasting music, sounds awful and does hurt the ears. Minot has just recently built a new rink with a great sound system so it has gotten better, however I've noticed that going louder at warm-ups is fine as people are still getting settled. I do however use a trick for volume during the game, I generally keep the music lower in the 1st period, then increase it a bit in the 2nd, and if its a close game I will increase it more in the 3rd. by the time the 3rd period comes around you have basically got peoples ears to adapt and they don't notice the volume icrease, and if its an intense game they actually cheer louder with the music I play and it creates atmosphere. as far as live band vs. recorded music. I have been a season ticket holder at UND since 2001 (thanks pops) I've noticed the atmosphere in the ralph slowly start to resemble a funeral at times, and it has everything to do with the lack of recorded popular music, they play waaaayyyy to many adds (gotta pay bills I guess) and do too many special things (looking at you simba cam) that basically take away from the atmosphere IMO (I know this may be an unpopular opinion) I like the live band at the games, I think a little less of them, a little less of the extras, and a little more pump up music is the right recipe
  11. I am the DJ/Announcer for the NAHL team in Minot, ND (we've had a few guys go NCHC...looking at you Jon Lizotte). I used to get people bitching to me about the music (songs and Volume) ALL the time. while it is IMPOSSIBE to please everybody, last year I adopted a system that actually worked, 1 country song - 1 hip-hop/rap song - 1 older rock song - 1 new rock song then repeated that order most of the game. I of course used some song situationally to pump people up, or make them laugh. I however ALWAYS let the players pick the warm-up song list no matter what, its their time to get in the zone and get going. while it was a few EDM type songs they actually would throw in a few surprises. also another thing to think about is the age of these players, most of these kids were like 3 or 4 years old the last time godsmack was popular....they might not even know who they are haha
  12. sethhag


    Green jerseys stripes are a bit too busy for me, otherwise these are all slight upgrades from last year.... now to get rid of the dumb numbers on the front....I guess we all can't have cake and eat it too
  13. I have gear with both the old and new logos, I say go Hawks all the time, but the logo, in design, does not show well, it's too wide, and much too simple. while it looks great on letter head and in more formal settings, when it comes to sports and passion it falls short in inspiration
  14. Last design I have as I think I am all out of ideas....black business suits
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