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  1. Local media's lack of reporting on the suspension was irresponsible. It happened, he's not in uniform. Report it. Didn't even have to speculate on the cause. But the suspension for the game is newsworthy in the sports section. Any responsible beat writer would have reported it at some point between Thursday and game time.
  2. "Dictating" you mean suppressing information. Wouldn't want anything bad about the hometown team in the local paper now would we... What would ESPN think? I never used the player's name. Don't attribute that to me.
  3. And there were no opportunities between Thursday and Saturday to report on it??? Inforum is online. Takes minutes to upload a story. Suspension was NEVER disclosed by any Fargo media. Someone surely knew (Dom, Kolpack, McFeely) What gives Tolna?
  4. And it was reported.... NDSU negatives are NOT REPORTED by Fargo media. You are missing the point.
  5. Oh, so you WERE making a "ya but" argument. Thought you were offended for being "called out." One guy in eight years!?!? Boy, do you have yellow glasses on. Many arrested, suspensions, etc. Simply not reported by Fargo media (Forum) because they are in bed with the program.
  6. And it was disclosed and reported on by the GF Herald. You are missing the point with your "ya but" response.
  7. What do you care. You're not getting season tickets. Go hang out with all the other quitters.
  8. You want people's sympathies after you troll a UND fan site with a NDSU National Championship pic? You are a special kind of "unaware..."
  9. Know this guy. Not surprised he'd post this hear. He's a "hockey-only" rube. Most brain cells destroyed waaay back in the 80's. Take him FWIW
  10. Sit by me? Hell, I thought we were going to be the undercard in the next RRV MMA event. You said meeting "could be arranged."
  11. We'll, if that isn't the "Murderers Row" of this forum. I guess there's no chance we'll see fewer opinions from those who "vouche" for you because they are tied up with their Mensa commitments.
  12. You don't go to the games. You admit that regularly on here. All you do is bitch. Fair weather fans like you are hardly a loss when they "decide not to renew their season tickets." You talk sh*% about how "everybody thinks like I do." Most don't. I couldn't care less whether an @#shole like you (mods, I'll show myself out.) comes to the games or has season tickets. From your posts and attitude, you were never a good teammate, always taking the cynical side of everything so you can say "I told you so...." You mock any enthusiasm for the program and ridicule anyone who shows the slightest optimi
  13. Most inaccurate fan forum moniker ever.......
  14. My God....let it rest for at least one day. I'm going to come to your job and hammer absolutely everything you do. It's GameDay. It's a new season. And you want to harp with a backhanded compliment. I defended you today: people were saying you weren't fit to sleep with pigs....I said you were. Go Hawks!!
  15. Stockdamhockey


    Bill Brotherton's bio on the site is inaccurate. It states, in addition to facts unrelated to the nickname saga such as razing campus buildings, dropping sports, etc. that "the university suffered a historic decrease in alumni support." All of which is either unrelated to the issue or simply not true. I appreciate this group's passion, but at the very least they must also be accurate in how they portray the University re the nickname issue.
  16. Didn't know where to post, thought this fit the topic. Is anyone else having trouble posting on the SCSU fan site? Wanted to list my regional tickets and learned my IP Address was "blacklisted" I've never been on their board. Tried my phone too without using IP. Same result. Thoughts? Your IP has been blocked because it is blacklisted. For details please see http://www.ahbl.org/lktool?lookup= entry on the blacklist may have several reasons:1. You are a well-known spammer.2. Last time a well-known spammer was using the dynamic IP address which you got from
  17. The mascot's name has to be Ed. Ed Schafer.....
  18. 2 tkts, Section 103, Row G (Hawks shoot twice) $80 for the pair.
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