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  1. Rumor has it Ben Christian is up to 390 this offseason.
  2. But when why is he not using his right leg at all when he limps to the sidelines. The only leg he is putting any weight on is his left
  3. Look at which leg he isn’t using when he limps off the field.
  4. Yea but he hurt his right leg not his left. Also people get injured in all types of ways it’s kind of ridiculous to say that he could have avoided the injury by doing something different. There is no telling what can happen on any given play.
  5. Russo and Mortel didnt play and we just got the dub in SH after like 21 consecutive wins at home so I dont see a problem with the line
  6. When all of you doubted Patric Rooney and he showed up.
  7. I heard Rodney has been drinking a lot of milk this offseason.
  8. What is your opinion on the Irishman Patric Rooney?
  9. Yea I heard that guy is a stud actually. Kids the next Baker Mayfield for sure
  10. Yea I know, I've been saying Jade the whole time
  11. I think your thinking of the wrong guy, I'm talking about #2, Jade Lawrence from Moorehead Minnesota.
  12. People need to stop hating on this team and get behind their backs. Ya'll really think that our savior, Bubba Schweigert, really inst about to put together a championship caliber team? Man reading these posts has got me pissed off. These kids are out here working their butts off for you guys and all you guys do is show disrespect. People like Nate Ketteringham, Grant Aplin, Donnell Rodgers, Patric Rooney, and Jade Lawrence are out here making football their lives and they come on these forums and get S**t on. I know guys like Ben Christian have gone and gained 10 pounds this off-season, just so he can compete! You think he likes being 320 pounds? HECK NO! In conclusion, just put some respect on these guys names. They are out there trying their best. Now lets go out and get a W against Washington on Saturday. Thats all I got to say. Mcnoingam out
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