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  1. SS.com folks. This is Shannon Schweigert and what you are about to read is a shameless plug Kelly Howe and I continue to produce the UND Football 360 podcast this spring season and we invite you to listen in each week: https://undfootball360.com/news/undfb360-pregame-show-spring-week-1-vs-southern-illinois/ We enjoy bringing the show to fans of Fighting Sioux | Fighting Hawks Football. We don't have a radio broadcast partner this spring, but we are working on having one again by fall. In the meantime our weekly podcasts are available on the UND Football 360 website: www.undfootball360.com Y
  2. I know of two tickets in Sec. 6 (southeast corner home side). Asking $56 ea. PM me.
  3. Podcast from Tailgate Show. Danny Freund. https://kfgo.com/podcasts/fighting-hawks-podcast/22809/oc-danny-freund-fighting-hawks-tailgate-show-podcast/
  4. Sec 103, Row G, Seats 15 & 16. $100 for both nights. $160 value. PM or text 791-793-3133
  5. Sec 103, Row G, Seats 15 & 16. $30 ea. PM or text 701-793-3133
  6. Sec 103, Row G, Seats 15&16 asking $60 for the pair. Tkts are in WF, but will arrange Will Call xfer. Text 701-793-3133 or pm here.
  7. $80 for the pair Great seats. Sec. 103 Row G, 15&16. UND shoots twice. PM me or text 701-793-3133
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