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  1. Good game by the Hawks and congrats on the win. Fundamentally sound team and that RB is a handful. I'll be rooting for UND the rest of the way, good luck.
  2. I have to give ND-fan huge props as he is spot on with his analysis on USD
  3. Great tourney for the Hawks so far, I for one am rooting for you! Hopefully that doesn't bring you bad luck.
  4. It is a lot of points, I wouldn't touch it Free Stream from GoYotes.com: https://goyotes.com/watch/?Live=812&type=Live
  5. You should be able to watch the game free on GoYotes.com. https://goyotes.com/watch/?Live=878&type=Live
  6. Yotes got outbid and had to use these tents in 2017 as well, what a joke. Go get that W
  7. I'm just patiently waiting for the All Hockey Hair video.
  8. you can watch the game free here: https://goyotes.com/watch/?Live=648&sport=3&category=10&type=Live
  9. It is a very close call. Strev started to slide very late so I have no problem with the hit. It is just odd that he would launch himself with his arms back rather than try to push him out of bounds. I also concur on our backup QB Simmons being pretty good and I have confidence in him.
  10. UNDBIZ do you have a program or something? How do you even think of some of these characters? Some of them are pretty good!
  11. I wouldn't take anything written on AGS very seriously as it is mostly a cesspool. UND will be a tough game and I could see this one going either way. I haven't had a chance to watch any UND action from this year so I am basing that off of last year.
  12. Didn't know where to put this and didn't know about Harris' injury, but CBS sports gave Harris some love today. Top 10 college football cornerbacks to watch in 2017 http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000820619?campaign=tw-cf-sf99236257-sf99236257&sf99236257=1
  13. http://www.goyotes.com/watch/?Live=320&type=Live
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