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  1. Still out there for the power play
  2. When did Matt Shaw start working at DU
  3. God I hope we don't get a major for the way those teddy bears hit the ice. The one looks a little shaken up
  4. I have heard of a new york minute. Was the 5 minute major a Denver 2 minutes
  5. .if they call a 5, they to call a 2 for a dive
  6. St Cloud going to drop one against Princeton.
  7. What it looked like 47 minutes into my first game of NHL 20?
  8. 06 Sioux

    Kato GDT

    Hastings being Hastings with a post period conference with the refs.
  9. Can't wait for next weekend. It'll be a big test. Will be there on Saturday.
  10. 06 Sioux


    Jason Brown. He doesn't even know where North Dakota is.
  11. Pinto is looking like he is going to be a beast.
  12. Did they change the lights inside the rink. Video quality on nchc.tv looks a lot better.
  13. What about that coach from Indepence?
  14. UND Mens Hockey fans... Supporting the Fighting Sioux/Hawks and many athletic programs for decades.
  15. Hint Hint. SCSU. 2019-NCHC Season Champ, One and Done. 2018-NCHC Season Champ, One and Done.
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