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  1. What is UND's record when the game is broadcasted on CBS college sports? It seems like they lose more than they win. This team is good, but has lack consistency. I am worried a couple guys that were supposed to have a big year will not get there.
  2. Seems like Wisconsin gets away with a lot of stick work
  3. Fighting Sioux vs Badgers according to the broadcast
  4. My tv guide says fox college Atlantic have the game
  5. This broadcast reminds me of a Nintendo game.
  6. Altitude of the arena roughly 6000ft. Altitude of the camera roughly 7500ft
  7. How many first downs do we have?
  8. How many more days until hockey starts?
  9. 81 with a monster hold on 3rd down
  10. Is anyone watching the game on fox college sports central?
  11. Same refs as the UND vs BU game?
  12. Announcers giving the Huskies a participation and good effort trophies. Probably sprinkle in an honorary star of the game.
  13. We have to do a better job of finishing our opportunities whether it is clearing the puck or capitalizing on scoring chances
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