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  1. ND1

    2016 Season

    I was told he turned into a bit of a head case. I suppose you never know with an 18 yr old.
  2. ND1

    2016 Season

    Not sure where all this talk about Grady no longer with the program is coming from. As of this past week, he was enrolled in school, had an apartment and was participating workouts.
  3. Agreed, this hire should lock up a contract extension for Midco
  4. Just the opposite...contract extension for Midco. I will let others speculate.
  5. Just spoke to Bubba about the Alerus the other day. He assures me the lights will be off again for the introduction and they are working with ICON on doing some better things with video boards. Bubba is all about the atmosphere and said the Alerus is on board as well. Very good to hear !!!
  6. Want to swing over there, what time does it end?
  7. I agree, but luckily for us the boosters do not decide the punishment.. Bubba does
  8. Very minor offenses...classified the same as a minor in posession.
  9. I spoke to bubba after the game and he thought the students (his players) were great
  10. Great crowd!!! It's becoming "cool" again
  11. Spoke to Ratelle the other day. He is planning to attend NDSU and Gopher's pro days.
  12. I get sound but no picture via tablet , but it works fine on my iPhone...why
  13. Wrong on many points. Midco did not give away any spots to UND. UND is a premier sponsor and has been since day 1. They along with the other three premier sponsors pay well in excess of 30k to have a presence in all broadcasts. The Ralph charges a one time fee for the production truck to be parked out back.
  14. rumor has it the bid was well over the minimum amount
  15. Midco is picking up the Sat feed!
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