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  1. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    What happened with Colin Adams and Hoff and Yon?? Casey Johnson for Hoff against St. Cloud?? Why? I really liked Adams early in the year. What happened? Grades, effort?

    Just a down year. Happens. Like it’s been said, we lost a lot. I don’t think we thought Jost was going to be gone. We didn’t get development from some kids we hoped would step up. We have some misses. We’ll be back!
  3. Softer ticket resale market?

    I love Hockey. I love Sioux Hockey. But this was a tough team to love. It’s not a typical Sioux team. It’s not very physical. There is not a lot of finesse out there. Nobody really opening up the ice for others. We are missing players like Jost and others. I was honestly feeling bored watching hockey at times at the Ralph. Never felt that before. Perhaps others felt the way I did at times. I don’t care who you are, a defenseman cannot be your most dangerous player. That is not going to generate fan buzz. We are a blue collar team, not very fun to watch. Still waiting for our supposed bigs to consistently play that way, Gersich, Gardener, Hoff, Janituinan, Mishmash, good players, but we need them to take steps, now, if we have a chance in the weeks to come. They have all had moments. I like Nick Jones. I like the way he plays. He and Kawagucci look dangerous and are starting to click. Be interesting to see who elevates their game here.
  4. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Easy killer. In the nose out the mouth. Polls mean jack. I remember a poll last year that picked us to win the BS. Point is teams like SDSU are deeper than us. They aim small and miss small. Classes are going to vary based on need. We need to do whatever we can to help separate us to win recruiting battles against them, NDSU, SD, UNI etc.
  5. 2018 UND Recruiting

    We need HPC completed. You are crazy to think the Jacks don’t have a competitive recruiting edge if you go to their campus. It is arguably the best in the MVC. They have an HPC, completed, they have a brand new 18,000 seat stadium connected to their HPC, with the largest score board thanks to Daqtronics, short of the Dallas Cowboys. All brand new. And all their sport venues are all new and together minus one, and the one, Frost, basketball, is just about to have a massive renovation. It looks impressive. I fear them recruiting wise more than the Bison if they continue to be successful. No I am not a Jacks troll, I married into a Jacks family. Hard to say...
  6. Spring Ball 2018

    I am really interested in the QB’s. Should be a fun battle!
  7. Olympic Hockey

    “Oops I did it again”, the name of Jocelyn’s shootout goal. GF Herald headline perhaps??
  8. 2018 schedule /team

    Good posts. I would stick our DB’s in the group of Questions. Deion’s injury was a pretty devastating one. I am tempering my expectations on what he gives us next year. I am hoping for the best but trying to remain realistic. Our young guys struggled at times. But they were just that, young. And since opposing QB’s were not all that uncomfortable due to a lack of consistent pressure especially up the middle, they got repeatedly exposed. That being said, nothing solves coverage issues better than making a QB unable to throw on rythym and shortening the amount of time DB’s have to cover. So improved pressure is paramount. Add the experience they got and an off-season in the weightroom and I am hopeful but guarded about the DB’s.
  9. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Until we get a dominant O-Line, don’t matter who the QB or RB’s are. We need to invest there. We have skill guys. They need time and holes....
  10. 2018 Season

    We got exposed in the secondary because we were young there, but that's not the only thing. No Harris and don't underestimate the loss of Reyes and the LB's. Cole was the quarterback back there on defense. Not having him back there severely hurt us because of his ability. We were severely undersized in the front seven and we were unable to get sustained pressure on opposing QB's which is why those young Corners got picked on. Tamas Stewart was oft injured and new to the defense. Healthy front seven getting offenses in third and long situations will make those corners look better.
  11. Early Signing Day

    We currently have three decent QB's on the roster. We do need to sign one but we got two last year alone. Reports on Boltman are solid. No panic yet. Losing the kid to SDSU sucks but we are fairly deep there at DLine. We got more length and speed at corner and safety. We got better at o-line and Linebacker and added more depth at WR. And let's hope we don't need many of these kids next year. Cause we have a lot coming back next year. Solid class.
  12. 2017 Season

    While waiting for football to start today, I threw on the 1st Sioux football game against Utah I had recorded the end of August just to watch awhile to see the difference between the team at the beginning of the year and the one at the end. It was striking. There was a swagger with that team. They were confident. Physical. Made splash plays.
  13. 2018 Roster

    I think our most important position is O-line. JUCO drop down or two to solidify the line would be huge or a great off season is really important. We have three backs that all provide a different dimension to give a defense fits. If we can control the clock by keeping the other teams offense off the field and let the QB settle in and pick apart a defense that's stacking the box to stop those three guys, we could be tough to beat. Injuries aside, I think we have a dangerous team!
  14. 2018 Roster

    Fat fingers. Inside and out I think that we will have a tough team next year. Always liked Studs but he just didn't elevate his game this year. Lots of weapons on offense. I like the upside of the QB's next year, still loaded at RB, TE, WR, but the o-line is the biggest question mark. The young defenders got a lot of experience this year and if we can stay healthy, have a chance to be dangerous
  15. 2018 Roster