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  1. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    I see 3-1-1 the rest of the way, with the two weekends after that determining which side of the bubble they land on. I think Cam plays well, Mismash and Kawaguchi continue to increase their impact on the game, and reinforcements help the team turn the corner.

    I thought they looked good for most of the game and deserved a better fate. Earlier in the year it was discouraging because they'd lose but also look like the worse team. Now they're back to the good old days of outplaying the opponent but taking the tough luck loss. I think their play is rounding into form and they can still make a run, but I'm also realistic about the playoff math and their dwindling chances. LOL at the longing for Hak. I haven't had a bad thing to say about either him or Berry, but you gotta love the SS forum and its loyal, patient fans. Knowledgeable, too, downright all-knowing.
  3. Let's see, I've gotten to see three games on tv this year, all losses, so I'm a touch down on their chances for greatness. I thought the entire squad had a fantastic last couple weeks last year, and it had little to do with the future nhlers, so I went into this year pretty optimistic. The disappointing thing about the losses is none of them seemed like the usual outplay-them-but-lose result I'm used to as a UND fan. The other teams have just seemed better. Hopefully they can find the magic. Cam did not seem to be the problem last night. Some of y'all are jerks about women's hockey.
  4. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I also disagree on Rocco. To me he was like an amped up Tom Philion, wondrous athletic gifts, but not an equally great feel for the game and teammates.
  5. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Without crunching any numbers, I would say SC is a top 10 program, nationally, in the last decade.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    Micheletti seemed to go out of his way to praise UND for much of the night, and not backhanded compliments either. I hated the guy when he was on the ice (he was yippy and could score like crazy) but he seemed very fair tonight.
  7. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Nice welcoming committee. We really know nothing about the guy. The main fact I'm aware of is the UND coaches saw him play and liked him enough to offer him a scholarship. Sounds good to me.
  8. North Dakota vs. Union (Thanksgiving Edition)

    I've never subscribed to the und would not have beaten union theory. Play some defense in front of your net and who knows what happens.

    This is just me (and sprig, I think), but I don't even see the Smith play as a minor. He's basically standing still, and Plant runs into him. Play on. I can't imagine thinking differently if the jerseys were reversed. It wasn't even a hit; he got ran into.

    Did St. Cloud have a game-tying goal questionably disallowed in the third period eight days ago?
  11. Not that I agree with this approach, but it does happen. Last year UMD took out poolman and ran cam, and it won them that game. Then I noticed in the national title game they gave an elbow to the head of borgstrom and he disappeared for the rest of that game. So Casey might face some of that this year.
  12. I'm of two minds on this year's team. On the optimistic side, the team that showed up to play the last three games of last year was simply outstanding, and that evaluation doesn't have much to do with Boeser and Jost. Top to bottom, and from the net out, every player seemed to be playing championship style hockey. When they beat Denver in a beauty of a game to watch, I was pretty sure only Denver stood between UND and another national title. Of course I was wrong, but not by much. The ensuing loss to Duluth was a story of Poolman's injury and the team's adjustment to it. They were rattled, but regained their composure. And I can't complain about any aspect of their play against BU. Sometimes these unjust results happen in hockey. (Both ways. See UND's win over Ferris in the regionals a few years ago.) That's a roundabout way of getting to my point, which is that UND was a very good team at the end of last year, and a lot of that team is back. I personally think they're underrated both in the conference and nationally. On the other hand, stepping back to look at the bigger picture, this team resembles more the teams from the "in between years", those after the Parise/Toews/Oshie talent bubble and before the Caggiula/Schmaltz/Boeser run, than it does any of those loaded teams. When Spring arrived, I thought every one of those in-between-year teams had a chance to win it all, but most of them failed to even make the Frozen Four. These were the Yale, UNH type of exits. Which of me is right? We'll see in due time.
  13. It's not a huge deal for me either way, but I preferred the Target Center overall. I work in downtown Mpls., it's a much easier drive from my home, parking is a lot easier, and restaurants are more plentiful. The rink is better in St. Paul, but that's the only plus on my ledger.
  14. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Pretty much not worried at all about recruiting. When you can only come up with maybe two schools that are outrecruiting you (and that's debatable) -- Denver and BU, you must be doing pretty well. Plus there are so many guys who were not hotshot 17 year olds who end up playing crucial roles. Ladue and the Poolmans (hopefully on the second one) come to mind. Also, UND played those two schools at the end of the year, and didn't appear to give an inch to either, to put it mildly in the case of BU. I'll take my chances with UND's team this upcoming year, and in future years given the recruiting pipeline.

    Denver was built to repeat, but Nick Schmaltz put an end to that.