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  1. Should be more concerned about depth at S than anything, IMO..
  2. That will be an interesting spot to watch this spring
  3. Who else does UND have at S with the Palmborg move besides Reyes and the new transfer?
  4. Did Williams ever commit? Wiki doesn't say he did. So no CBs in this class?? edit: sorry, Kyle hieptas
  5. bollant, Santiago then Reyes
  6. I agree with you about Harris having a chance, too. But doesn't anyone remember this spring Baukol tweeting Reyes ran one of the fastest 40s on the team? I'd hope he'll only get faster.
  7. Heagle is 5-10, 200 pounds, which is probably what kept him from being drafted. Reyes is 6-2, 215.
  8. Killebrew from S Utah was a 4th rounder last year. Similar in size, but I think Reyes could be a tish faster and stronger. Not saying Reyes will go that high, but he's got a pretty good shot at going somewhere
  9. Per Tom Miller: "UND could also play Johannesson at fullback. Kyle Norberg, UND's starting fullback in 2016, will be a senior next season."
  10. How about now?
  11. Hawks*
  12. Get points on this drive and pound the rock
  13. It's beginning
  14. Last pitch to get your friends to the game. Do your best
  15. 20 more were donated