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  1. Has he ever?
  2. The only renderings I've seen showed the opposite. The renderings were very old, though.
  3. Go on...
  4. How long does it take for them to tear down the basketball setup and get it ready for a hockey game?
  5. Should be more concerned about depth at S than anything, IMO..
  6. That will be an interesting spot to watch this spring
  7. Who else does UND have at S with the Palmborg move besides Reyes and the new transfer?
  8. Did Williams ever commit? Wiki doesn't say he did. So no CBs in this class?? edit: sorry, Kyle hieptas
  9. bollant, Santiago then Reyes
  10. I agree with you about Harris having a chance, too. But doesn't anyone remember this spring Baukol tweeting Reyes ran one of the fastest 40s on the team? I'd hope he'll only get faster.
  11. Heagle is 5-10, 200 pounds, which is probably what kept him from being drafted. Reyes is 6-2, 215.
  12. Killebrew from S Utah was a 4th rounder last year. Similar in size, but I think Reyes could be a tish faster and stronger. Not saying Reyes will go that high, but he's got a pretty good shot at going somewhere
  13. Per Tom Miller: "UND could also play Johannesson at fullback. Kyle Norberg, UND's starting fullback in 2016, will be a senior next season."
  14. How about now?