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  1. I think it was "probably" offside as well. Problem is "probably" isn't supposed to overturn the call on the ice. Tough break for the good guys.
  2. Is the bracket closed yet? It says it's still open on the homepage.
  3. B1G. Cheap roof?
  4. Bubba and staff got a start on theirs. Still plenty of work to do there.
  5. There's no almost about it, the Sioux name isn't coming back. The university should put the hawk logo at center ice. Get the hockey-only fans used to seeing it. Get the hockey team to stop avoiding it.
  6. No.
  7. Oops. Just did to them what everybody does to us.
  8. A lot of people aren't there to see the ice/game, they're there to be seen.
  9. Arizona State would've been hopeless.
  10. Dude brought his ice house to camp in
  11. How many of those sports cost UND $2 million per year?
  12. How many people in the world are aware Clarkson won the WIH championship? I just found out by reading your post.