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  1. Not a big fan of bringing in too many transfers, especially at the qb position.
  2. Apparently they're quite the litigious family.
  3. Golladay to Detroit at 96
  4. Easily one of the top 30 ncaa WIH programs in the country.
  5. Better the heritage center than some random AD employee's garage.
  6. EWU brings down the academics, but geographically they do make a good travel partner for Idaho.
  7. Grand Valley State ready to move yet?
  8. The Border States Conference. South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado will just have to get over it.
  9. Nice attempt, but no. I agree it's not a factual statement about the outcome of the game, just like many of the other things you say are not factual. It's you throwing sh*t against the wall and it not sticking. In this situation, what happened is you said the equivalent of "I bet UND beats AZ" and then you come on here and say "I never said UND would beat AZ."
  10. I get the impression the East coast schools run on much smaller budgets. The Western D2s need a D1 women's sport to offset MIH, so they'll likely keep WIH. UMn and UW aren't going anywhere. Ohio State could make a move, but they have so much money a $1.5-2 million loss per year probably isn't a big deal.