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  1. Welcome Rain!
  2. I guess $99 doesn't seem that out of line to me. Having lower prices results in scalpers buying them up and reselling at inflated prices and then those individuals reap the profits instead of UND.
  3. This head movie makes my eyes rain.
  4. Simple Dan
  5. Leaning more towards BSC members....
  6. I'd like to see a home and home with a decent FCS team scheduled to fill it out. Perhaps with a former conference mate....
  7. Now have games at Kansas St and home against Valpo scheduled.
  8. Not real surprising and I hope Bolinske does well for them. Hopefully the staff has learned from its mistakes of going 2 years without bringing in a legitimate scholarship QB prospect. Having to bring in 2 transfer QBs from California in one off-season isn't a habit UND should fall into.
  9. Gorgeous.
  10. That would make sense. With that said, I'm guessing the Herald has submitted an open records request for the contract, so UND better not drag its feet too long.
  11. http://millersports.areavoices.com/2017/06/20/und-mens-basketball-offseason-off-to-rocky-start/
  12. Finally.