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  1. Ah yes, the meth hawk with a headdress.
  2. That font was SO BAD!!
  3. That's Mr. Trebek to you
  4. I'm sure Kennedy does too.
  5. When it comes to branding, I think they'd like more than the 1,500 in attendance to see the logo.
  6. Sure, but UND had those same expense increases and had their budget slashed 15-20% by the state. Asking REA to share a little in the pain isn't that crazy.
  7. Ticket prices were raised for hockey and football, so REA is actually making more money than they were before the budget cuts....
  8. Agreed. There are a bunch of board members outside of the Engelstad Foundation people. Where are they?
  9. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    I miss 42nd Street Eatery.
  10. The engelstad foundation has not robbed anything (other than gamblers). Don't hold your breath waiting for them to donate for football facilities, as education, healthcare, and human services are their priorities (can't complain about that).
  11. The primary concern seems to be with the memorial stadium locker rooms. Apparently those are used the most by the team.
  12. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    You choose those places because they were easy to get into before a hockey game?
  13. Locker rooms are part of hpc2. Not talking about the Alerus locker rooms.
  14. Perhaps that player can win and is choosing to do so at a school that gives him a nicer place to hang his jock