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  1. I have to say the logo is growing on me. I own more Fighting Sioux gear than I know what to do with but that is a part of UND history I will always cherish and it will be displayed with pride. However, I do not miss the controversy that was created through the media anytime UND was mentioned. The Sioux Forever chants are getting old as well. I think what sort of eventually turned me was the black hats Bubba and the football staff wear with the small hawk logo off centered. I think they look sharp.
  2. I like it!
  3. Ha me too!
  4. I am definitely going to be out on "sales calls" all afternoon Friday. I might stop back in around 4 but who knows.
  5. I can get on board with this too as it was dirty regardless of the penalty assessed.
  6. It looked like the primary contact was shoulder to chest and then a bit of secondary contact to the head. Regardless it was a dirty play but I honestly think the 5 minute major was appropriate.
  7. I am getting tired of his double standards.
  8. Haha add in a subaru and the lesbo kit is complete. Yeah I live up in Summit County (Breckenridge). Lot's of DU grads up here.
  9. Agreed. The last thing I want to hear or see is Duluth fans thumping their chests. I work directly with a couple DU alums and we have a nice time ribbing each other...but there is mutual respect and it has been earned on both sides. I honestly can't say the same for Duluth. I have a couple "friends" who went to Duluth and the last time I heard from either of them was the night we lost to Minny at .06. That says a lot to me.
  10. I am going to stop you right there. During the transition and the first two years after the transition you would be correct, but that is a total of six years which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Reality is UND football is on the upswing and I truly believe we will be competing on their level very soon. Actually, your whole post is wrong so I probably should have bolded the whole thing.
  11. Haha well played!
  12. Haha I have not been very productive today...oh well!
  13. Pionk deserved it.
  14. Pionk is nothing more then an oxygen thief. I will cheer for any team that is playing Duluth now and hope Pionk gets a dose of his own medicine.
  15. I couldn't agree more. I want another crack at them!