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  1. This m-m-m-makes m-m-meee happy!
  2. That would be great. I am a big fan of the home and home with Sam Houston.
  3. I like it. This with FBS Kansas State. Need one more and maybe we will get lucky and land another home game.
  4. Agreed. I think and hope that Boltman is a step in this direction. I have said this before but I think Ketteringham has a solid upside when surrounded by a better supporting cast. I think UND can provide that.
  5. In 2005 Adidas acquired Reebok so would this even affect the hockey team? If I recall correctly they wear Reebok (or at least did recently).
  6. Agreed, I think 1 PM is a bit early. Moving them back to 2 PM would definitely help.
  7. My only thought at this point is last year we had one returning starter on the OL and it was noticeable to say the least. Utah is in the same position as we were last year on the OL so that makes me sort of hopeful.
  8. This is definitely going to make the off season more interesting as it is fun to follow all of this develop!
  9. My reply would be: Why not?
  10. I re-watched the NAU game a couple weeks ago. at about this time each year the football itch comes back.
  11. This and then the Utah payout this year which I think is $450K.
  12. I was at the Lake Dillon Brew Fest in Dillon. It had a larger showing than I was expecting. I love summer up in the mountains!
  13. I was at a beer festival Saturday that was comprised of only Colorado Breweries and left realizing how spoiled we beer drinkers are out here. Off hand there are a few that I love: Upslope, O'dells, Pug Ryan's, Broken Compass, Boulder Beer Company, and probably a couple more. Upslope Lager is tough to beat and I think they have a decent distribution network. I tried quite a few Kolsch style beers which is sort of like a lager but with more citrus notes. Great for summer. The only beer that I truly miss from up north is Premium Grainbelt as it is not distributed out here and to me is an amazing "crappy" beer.
  14. Ok I see. Just like with the interlocking ND I would still have to explain to people that it is not a Notre Dame hat. Although, I think one of those hawk logo bucket hats that Bubba wears would be awesome for tailgating on hot days.
  15. Is that a Notre Dame hat with a Hawk logo added in? I guess I don't understand the four leaf clover.