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  1. UNDColorado

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    Teeder- Sounds like you will miss a portion of fall camp but I know you will rebound and finish with a strong camp evaluation. #informationisgood SkoHawks- Relatively new to the site in terms of post volume but delivers concise information #upandcomer Geaux_sioux- So close to 13,000 posts. Will it happen by close of the 2018/19 season? #keepitup Nodak651- Consistently delivers spot on statistics. Every team needs a person like that. #numbersandstuff Sioux94- A true tailgate champion. Will he make the game at Northern Colorado? #makeithappen
  2. UNDColorado

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    Same here.
  3. UNDColorado

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    It also depends on the venue. For example, Southern Utah broadcasts have always been terrible streams so I am happy we do not play there this year. Yes, ESPN3 will be a nice upgrade.
  4. UNDColorado

    2018 Season

    Greeley for sure on 9/29. Set up a big tailgate and do it right. Possibly Sam Houston but that is a big maybe at this point.
  5. UNDColorado

    Top 5 Incoming Fr

    I agree but with the new redshirt rules I do hope he gets some playing time. Getting him in the MVSU game would be ideal.
  6. UNDColorado

    2018 Season

    It's early in his tenure but so far I like Chaves. Time will tell of course.
  7. UNDColorado


    You both are correct. I guess i'm not used to him making sense.
  8. UNDColorado


    I would agree that Ralston might no be the best fit for hockey.
  9. UNDColorado


    Those two sentences totally contradict each other. He was being critical by calling out that huge choke job in regard to the home team that blew a huge lead.
  10. UNDColorado

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    Now that's funny!
  11. UNDColorado

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    Nice, two nights in Vegas is plenty for me so i'm heading out around noon Sunday. Get in 9 AM Friday.
  12. UNDColorado

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    Thanks for this! My group will definitely try to get tickets for this game.
  13. UNDColorado

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Article about current 19 recruits: http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/4467719-und-football-tapping-strong-state-2019-recruiting-class#.WzqDbrpvoUQ.twitter
  14. UNDColorado

    President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Those who say they wouldn't at least look into it are lying.
  15. UNDColorado

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    I believe this would be Alerus Center staff...including people who buy tickets day of at the window.