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  1. For anyone at the UC, how was the atmosphere, was it full? How about pregame bars, street activity?
  2. CBS news tonite did have a segment on the Frozen 4. Interviewed Johnny T and a few other pros.
  3. I suspected crowds would be down. This is pro and B1g town. Cost here is high for hotels, restaurants, and bars. UC is not in a great area. Living in the Chicago area I have not seen much publicity at all. No mention in the Tribune.
  4. Has there been any analysis reported that lays out exactly how UND got into this position? What was the impetus to spend/commit future revenue on the come? It has to be that as we are not hearing/seeing anything out of NDSU that speaks to parallel actions. Not looking to blame someone but would like to understand what exactly happened.
  5. Hello Chicago?
  6. Or Dane Jackson, Carey Eades
  7. 5th graders runing the cameras?
  8. Didnt realize Comcast-ic has dropped Fox Sports Channels. Pretty much most of the tv coverage we had.
  9. Any thoughts on recruiting and possibilities re Gophers, or would Bubba be respectful and not try to poach during a bad situation?
  10. Anyone at the Alerus have a report on walk up sales ?
  11. Blackhawk announcers last night gave some love to North Dakota and said Schmaltz looked very comfortable and involved on the ice.
  12. Does Big Sky TV archive any games for viewing later?
  13. Any score from the noon game?
  14. Does anyone remember what the name of the song that was played at Amelie at the end of the game?
  15. Not seeing it on my NHL schedule, are you?